Spirit Manifestation?


I preface this with the fact that I hardly ever see ghosts or spirits in the waking world, (unless they are Faerie, in which case I have caught glimpses in the forests and natural places in my time.)
But this was weird and different...and I don't know what to think.

I have been under a lot of stress...not only my own, but also my partner's...(and that's when being an empath sucks.)
My dreams have been intense. And I end up waking in the middle of them...thinking wow! That was important! Only to forget them completely a moment later. This rarely happens, as I can usually retain them vividly throughout the whole morning.

So last night, I was having another intense dream (which again, I don't recall) and was awakened abruptly, by the long loud thunder of the storm...and right beside my sleeping spouse, I saw a figure, who looked at me with intense bright eyes and then disappeared.

I was too startled to notice any details...other than the eyes.

Which seemed calm, I guess...but it freaked me out a bit, because I don't usually see ghosts.

The rest of the night seemed half awake and still dreaming...but at one point I bolted upright in bed, and on my side there was another figure!

She was just the head and torso...a woman wearing an old fashioned nurse's cap, big black rimmed glasses (like from the 1960's) and she grinned at me...which was unsettling.

Not really disturbing or scary...but I think she...like me...was missing a couple of teeth...so her grin was a little disconcerting...and also...yeah, there's a spirit of a woman about a foot away from me!

The rest of the night seemed normal...but I can't help wondering about all of this...were the two spirits the same? were they spirit guides? Helpers? or just disenfranchised spirits come to say hello?

Any thoughts or ideas? Or similar experiences?
My spouse said I must have been dreaming...but the room details were way too sharp to have been just a dream.


oh how exciting! well this has never happened to me. To put my skeptics hat on, when I am more tired and stressed, it really affects my eyes! so I see dark shadows a lot and corner of the eye stuff. But to put my empaths hat back on, if you saw something with such detail and you think you had woken up, it's really interesting :thumbsup:

could it be someone to give you comfort or help you at a stressed time maybe? I am hoping if this did happen to me I wouldn't just be running away screaming :D

if it does happen again perhaps ask them who they are and why are they here? or try doing that with your spirit guides / in your dreams. Or try and find out about her using divination, perhaps you can get more info about her. Perhaps she lived in your house a long time ago but I wonder why she appeared now. Thanks for sharing about it and hope the stress for you both gets better :heart:


You can alway do a Tarot spread on the ghost(s), for example asking what/who they are, or what they want.
That would probably be quite an interesting reading :)



The write-up on the Ghost Tarot says something about "between memory and the supernatural exists a liminal space....the world of ghosts."

Well, perhaps there is something in that though I'd say between the hypnagogic and supernatural.

Is it possibly a third eye awareness? I've known experiences that some people would call "daydreams" but with an intensity that completely overlaid "reality". In their own worlds these entities are as real as we think we are in our wakeful "reality". Whether they come from depths within or without, I don't know... quod supra sicut infra?


Doesn't sound like they did give you comfort, if that's what they were there for. But then, any interaction / communication has two partners, I suppose, and you were too startled to tell if they were!

I used to have vivid dreams, often lucid and I remembered them perfectly, just as you describe (which I'm trying to get back - they left me at a significant time in my life, and I feel I know where to look for them again). But one or two stood out as different.

In the one I'm thinking of, which maybe wasn't a dream, I was standing at the foot of my bed in my own room, correct in every detail, which rooms normally aren't in dreams (in mine anyway). I raised my hand, the left I think, and from what I now know to be the chakra in the palm, I sent out a blue flame almost a foot long, visually very like a gas flame, a lovely blue.

This terrified me and I woke - standing at the foot of my bed.

What had been terrifying was having the power, and the will, to do that.

Years later, I learnt (a) that the points on my body I'd always known weren't known about by most people, but are named chakras; (b) that I'm a healer and intuitive empath. I had the dream shortly after puberty, when I expect such things were bubbling up and coming to maturity along with the rest of me.

... So, yes I understand how this is different from your dreams. I've also "seen faces" (that's my shorthand for it but they're sometimes whole scenes), but those are when fully awake. They come round in phases and I haven't seen any for quite a while; they do go with periods of stress and/or life change. Maybe yours are something similar?

I don't know much about spirit guides, not the kind you see anyway. someone who does will have to chime in here about them. :)

Had a thought - could you call them back, in meditation say, and either ask them about being there in the night, or ask yourself about your response, the feel you got from them: whether it was alarm (I mean *after* stripping away the shock and the unnerving thing of actually seeing them), or reassurance or more curiosity... maybe their presence felt authoritative, or judgmental, or bringing hope or humour or maybe they were just beyond being interested in your affairs... ?


Dear Chronata!
You mentioned, that there was a thunder storm.
That is when the whole Energy field around us shifts and is quite different. Some sort of piazo energy ... I am not the science guy so can not explain it that way, but for some reason I also noticed over the years, that the energy of certain Spirits becomes visible to us during electrical / lightning storms and thunder storms and we can see them easy with our "naked eye"
As a kid I always thought, that THAT is, why in scarrrrrry movies important scenes, where Spirits appear happen during T- storms and lightening. Lately however I keep wondering, iff also something in us shifts just a little, so we see all kinds of Spirits easy when these conditions exist.

Incidentally, today we had nasty T- storms and tornado warnings and watches up here and at our community drum circle tonight I saw a reallllly scarrrrry Alby (disease Spirit) riding one of the drummers and then found out, that she is quite sick.....

Starri Knytes

I've always had "visitors", none have been anything more than that. As a child there was a tree man. I used to talk to him when he appeared in the hall outside of the room.

Then when I was pregnant there was an Indian woman with a shawl covering her head carrying a jug. One night I woke to her standing next to me pouring her jug onto me.

Now I have my father, occasionally his second wife, as well as random visitors.

None mean any harm or have a particular message, they just appear at times when I'm more susceptible to psychic or spiritual energy.

My father however is here always, I can't tell you the number of times I've moved aside to allow him to come through a doorway.

You know that you can ask them why they've come, right??
Or use the cards to see what, if any messages they have for you.


late in replying here, as I was gone 6 days ago. Very interesting experience, Chronata. I wonder, have you seen any more spirits or these spirits again?

I do agree with Mi-shell that the thunderstorm can be the reason you did see these spirits. Both water (rain) and electricity (the lightening) can add energy to the spirits, making it easier for them to appear to us. It is currently thundering really well here now, and I was thinking before I read this post that perhaps someone close to me will be able to show themselves as I've had them on my mind a lot lately. Time will tell!

Anyway, I am thinking that you did indeed see spirits. The clarity of what you saw and you knowing that you were in your room, awake, aware of your s.o. sleeping beside you, the thunderstorms going on outside, etc. etc. Yes, I would say what you saw was for real.

Spirits are all around us and can appear whenever they wish to do so. I hope it doesn't frighten you, but I truly believe this. It may have even been someone who lived in your home before you--or someone who is close to you or your s.o. a relative or friend perhaps? anything is possible.

Like Starry, I've always had spirit visitors too. And, as a child, I had a 'tree friend' too that I played with. :D Sometimes, like you experienced, I only see them from the waist up. Or just their heads. It may sound a bit scary, but it's not really. And, like Starry said, you can also ask them why they appeared to you. But, mind, they don't use time like we do. You may ask and it could be a week or so before you see/hear from them again! So, you might need to be very patient.


Popped back here, and I just thought of the time my grandmother told me about. When she was about 15ish her father made her leave school, against her will - because girls didn't need education in 1920 (he also stopped her going to art college later). The way she told it, she missed school so much it made her ill. She never told more detail than that, but maybe depression or something.

Anyway that's the background. She said that while she was ill, her much-loved sister once came to her bedside, carrying her school books (with one of those leather straps round them, for carrying), and told her, "Dot, go to school." This sister was born when my gran was maybe 13 or 14, and she was besotted with her, being the eldest with only brothers until then. The baby only lived 4 months. (As a child I wanted to know if she looked like a baby holding the books and my gran always said she didn't know, which made no sense to me... but I get that now. :))

She was very clear that it wasn't a dream. This was the only thing of that sort (she had a few odd experiences, probably more than she ever talked about) which didn't scare her out of her wits; she took it as an important message, and a turning point. This particular "odd" event was all love and nothing else. And yes, she got to go back to school for another year or so.


Mandmaud, what an interesting and sad story too! Your poor grandmother, having to quit school like that. But, I'm convinced too that she saw her baby sister.

My younger sister also died as a baby and interestingly enough, she comes to my young niece all the time. She has never really come to me, save once when she and my father came together, but she has been 'visiting' my niece regularly since my niece was very young. You can say they 'grew' up together, though my sister died in 1965 and my niece was not born till 1992!

Apparently in heaven, you can still grow up--if you wish to do so. It may also be the reason why people who have passed over can appear to you at any age of their life on earth. My dad generally shows up to me the way he looked before he became ill. However, he has shown up to my psychic-medium friends looking quite young and handsome! :laugh: We have also seen him in the home where my mom still lives, walking down the hallway to the bedroom the way he was shortly before he passed there. So, I am willing to bet that your gm sister did appear to her--but not as an infant, but perhaps as a young girl--a schoolage girl perhaps?

Great story though! Thank you for sharing that.