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A question:
We had agreed, to post our meditation/ visualization s and other exercises here -right??
I do not want to be the only one doing this here and so I am sort of "waiting"
AJ, BodhiSeed, how are you with last weeks visualizations?



Interact with an Animal:
No sooner than I read these words in the book there next to me was a small “polmpf” and this time it was Lira that landed on the rim of my coffee mug. Her feathers are still a bit ruffled from the flight here and she “sorts out her wings” and refolds them. Then, unceremoniously she drops a dead Mouse into my coffee. :(
“Lira!” Thank you, but , you should not have!
I somehow “go” upstairs and among the books and fur boxes in the back of the study I pull out another mouse. This one VERY much alive and squiggggeling. I make my way down the stairs and give my catch to Lira, who deftly takes it by the neck, crushing the vertebra and then flies of, right through the window into the windy afternoon......


Cruden makes a good point I've not thought about before, the difference between visualization and trance. I look forward to trying the examples offered this week.
I've never thought of this either, though I do agree with her. Meditation, visualization and trance are all three very different things to me - apples, oranges, and bananas.

Our last beehive has suffered hive collapse so today we are extracting honey.
The worlds bee population is in a terrible state, which equals We are in a terrible state...
Well dang. (((AJ))) I went out to my friend's house in the country this week to help her with her first hive. She is thrilled to be a beekeeper, but has a fear of hive collapse. The group of keepers in this area have done all types of studies trying to find out what causes it - fungus, mites, pesticides, weather changes, etc. - but have come up empty-handed.


A question:
We had agreed, to post our meditation/ visualization s and other exercises here -right??
I do not want to be the only one doing this here and so I am sort of "waiting"
AJ, BodhiSeed, how are you with last weeks visualizations?


No one need feel they have to post anything. I'm used to putting my weird life on public display, others may not be. But I can tell you this, I am SO happy you are here and can share the reality of our tasks. Gives us something to strive toward.

In the night I tried the up the stairs and down the hall visualization.
Up the stairs was doable, I chose wooden stairs which to straight up, no turns. My mind trying to keep it simple I suppose...
The hallway was the problem, probably because it was the middle of the night.
I kept trying to make the hallway sun filled with warm glowing oak doors and brass fittings.

The problem is I'm in the middle of listening to Heart Shaped Box and in their upper long hall a wicked ghost sits. And I kept seeing him on that bench as my head came up over the top of the steps. So I'd make myself step back down and try again, and again.. and again until I went to sleep.

I have an appointment with my Oncology doctor this afternoon, and I'm wondering if she isn't superimposed under that wicked ghost. I'll try again tonight :) Lord knows an insomniac has lots of think time in the middle of the night.

I have a problem I can't seem to control on my own and I was wondering if this kind of visualization can't be used like positive thinking. Which I can attest changed my life, because it changed my outlook. Same life, new viewpoint.


The group of keepers in this area have done all types of studies trying to find out what causes it - fungus, mites, pesticides, weather changes, etc. - but have come up empty-handed.

It isn't just them, it is keepers and scientists worldwide.
And no the collapse wasn't this month, we saw all the dead bees mid-winter.

edited: because our journey is about nature so I'll expand a bit.
I waited until I had a warm day to tear down the hive, just for my own comfort.
It was worrisome enough losing our bees, but what I found when working through the frames just broke my heart. There were four different clusters of bees, small clusters, maybe 50-60 workers. Formed like flower petals, pointing in to whatever they were working on, very pretty.

But all greyed over, like a corpse found in a house years later. What I felt was they knew the hive was collapsing, and four times bees grouped together to try to make a new queen and save the hive. And each time those bees also sickened and died. I just sat and bawled.


I did the step visualization, and had no problem seeing the hall of doors with sunlight and a breeze coming in from the end of the hall. I chose a door with a glass doorknob, and when I opened it found myself in my grandmother's house (where I grew up until about 5). I saw her old cedar chest, opened it and looked at several items, including her long braid that she cut off shortly after marriage). Somehow I ended up with a large white pearl in mind hand, about the size of a golf ball. I'm not sure of the significance quite yet, but I think it may have to do with the irritations and other problems I'm dealing with right now; like these these can be made into something beautiful if I will allow it. I heard a song lyric the other day that said, "it's hard to flow with life when you're busy fighting the current" (or something to that effect), and I think that has something to do with this visualization. Still processing it...


I worked on the steps again last night and couldn't get beyond the 4th riser.
I kept thinking there was a dog trying to go up with me and then the vision would dissipate. Had I more control I would have turned (to my left) to see but I didn't want to let go of the straightforward task.


I did the "steps" meditation a couple of times over the last few days.
Several things I encountered are not appropriate to post here, as they involve solutions to 'conundrums' I had with some of my clients and what is going on in their lives...
But one meditation scenario, that involves myself I may as well share:
While stepping onto the first step, the staircase changed into that of a school. The building was empty and quiet and yes, flooded with sun light. The distinct "school class room smel"l was there :)
On top of the stairs there was this sun flooded corridor with class room doors of different colors. I went into the 3rd at the left and stepped into the room. A large bright classroom, chalk board, cupboards along one wall, children's drawings and math graphs on the walls, but otherwise empty! In the middle of the blue painted floor -
- a small pink piggy-bank!!
I picked it up and left!

Picture language:
About the scene I can not say toooo much, as it is given by the exercise.
School = a place for learning - I am learning here,(with this book) but I am also these days (usualy April/ May and November) teaching in schools - and while doing so, I always learn something new -
- about the subject: usually spirituality, Native Studies or drumming/ dance/
- about how to teach better, more effective, what "sinks in", what is retained better...
- and about myself, how I react, how I feel in the situations that present themselves.
empty classroom:
I like empty classrooms! It is good for me to set up my things - the Medicine Circle - see other pictures up in the thread. It gives me room to create the right environment for the teachings, I do not have to personally push desks and clutter out of the way to have room for a circle of chairs. This room is ready and clean and has natural light! :)
The piggy bank:
Well, surprise surprise!
There is a school that owes me money for the teaching modules.....
I have to "remind" them - yet again - to send a check - or.......
I know, they are hoping, I will eventually wave my fee, because that is, what a shaman does - for her poooooor community, right!!??!!
But I feel, I should get paid - at least gas money to come 3 times a week.......
This money would go towards my "personal pocket money" to spend on - drums? a deck?? Or a cool teaching aid to take to class next time.....
The piggy bank tells me in no uncertain ways, that I should hold out for the funds owed and not walk away without them.......

Soooo: I hope I did not boooooore you guys stiff ;)
Are you noting your personal "picture language"?
Exercises like these are good for that kind of thing.....


The steps visualisation was not what I expected either. I start to climb the stairs and they are wide, sweeping and rather grand. The 10th step brings me to a decision. I cannot go forward because there is a wall with a large, gothic looking stained glass window but either side are corridors so do I go left or right? Both look identical.

I feel drawn to the left and so look down that corridor to see an almost endless avenue of doors. Each one is different and I know which wood each one is made from. I choose the 3rd down on the right which is a pale, Ash door. Plain and simple with no ornament. Inside is a lush, intense and deep green forest which is primeval and bursting with life. I don't hear any sounds though, no animals, no birds, not even the rustle of insects - just quiet. Lush green moss and undulating mounds rising into massive, ancient trees with strange shaped leaves.

I feel the urge to lay down but the moss although soft, looks damp and I think I will get wet and be consumed by the depth of it.

The grandness of the stairs is how I see the possibilities of this kind of 'seeing'. Going to the left is going into the inner realm (right is mundane - everyday activities).

Ash is special to me so I chose it because this is supposed to be about discovering things about me. The plainness of the door is typical of my preferences, plain and simple rather than ornate and loud.

The primeval jungle is interesting. Life has been so hectic and hard work lately that any more responsibilities threatened to overwhelm! A place of pure and most basic life. Simple vegetation, the ancestors of us all with no other animals suggests to me that I need to step back and find that simplicity again. The concern over getting wet and being consumed by the moss feels like something I need to face in myself - the fear that if I stop and just let go, I will somehow fail. Good exercise, I have learned a lot.

Stairs looked a little like this:

and the forest like this:


Ee'ren Eder is a relatively new member of “the gang” ( my English word for my group of Animal Guides)
Way back amongst my Ancestors are a few of the Tofalar Reinndeer people of Siberia.
Inspired by this a client of mine a little over a year ago gifted me with a Reindeer fur for my journey work and no sooner had I touched it - that Ee'ren Eder "came through".....

I have never attempted to shapeshift into him and so that was the subject of my exercise:
For it I – of course lay down on the Reindeer fur, for me and my “inner talk “also called Eder – which is in Uryanchai the word for male Reindeer in its prime.
It is easy, he welcomes my merging into his essence.
There is soooooo much to notice! Sooo much to “take in”
I am overwhelmed!
Everything is new and different to me:
The smells, the way I hear, how my neck and head feels, with the large rack of antlers. .. I try to concentrate on a few things only and try to really experience them. The smell of the tundra herbs I am currently ripping of with the front teeth and then fully savior their taste. Most of them are “bitter”, but delicious different kinds of bitter and different kinds of crunchy. All the tiny twigs from miniature Trees and the leathery feel of white Elk Horn Mosses on my tongue. And then all these tastes and smells mix with the taste of certain Insects, that I also savior! (I did not know, how many Insects end up being eaten by an Ungulate!!!!)
They are like life-and protein giving spices for me!
So, ripping and chewing the plants is all I can concentrate on and take in. And the sound, that that makes. And my ears are up and turned outward, listening past and “over” this sound”. At regular intervals I raise my neck and head to have 1 sweeping look at my surrounding. The Wolf check.... Predators – Not looking for A. right now.
And the heard consciousness. I am a part of the heard consciousness. I am synchronizing the movement of my head with that of the Reindeer around and especially next to me. Every minute one of us looks up, while the others can graze. We check in with the guard -duty members of the heard, that patrol the outskirts of the heard, the ones who are keeping watch and only occasionally grasp a rip of food plants. My turn of guard duty will come by nightfall....
I sens / know the smells of sexual maturity, availability and maturity in every member of the heard. The Heard is a Being and I am one of its cells.....

I also see a Lapwing in the Willow bush over there, and – what for a second looked like a Marmot.....
Head back down, continue grazing. Mmmmmmh!!
I am surprised, how strong my neck muscles are and how ideal, natural it feels, to have my muzzle down on the ground, no stiff neck.......
Having to flex my muscles to shake the fur and shake loose a Gnat that is trying to burrow into my flank. Lift my clicking hoof and scratch, but do not get quite high enough up my shoulder. Annoying.... Blow out hard and snorting, to prevent Blackflies from entering my nostrils. It is spring and the pests are all back.......

I see myself dissolving out of Eder's body/ mind and sit next to him, amazed. I get up and scratch his shoulder blade.
I know EXACTLY, where that nasty Gnat is! He loves it and snorts into my groin area. Warm Reindeer air.
All is good!