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I love the colours and patterns in your cards. I particularly like the Death and four of water. My preference is not to have keywords but I'm not so anti as to not buy a deck because of it. (I have Quest, Osho plus others). Your cards remind me of those Kaeidoscopes that were around when I was young - and always mesmerized me then. I like it and would definately like to see more cards. Can you tell us more about the process and your ideas?



Very interesting..... looks like fun to work with..... very colorful and thought provoking. I agree with moonbow that it is very Kailaidescopic..... I would like to see what would appear as I lay them out on the floor in a spread..

I could see you also creating spreads for these cards....

I'm wondering, however, is it leaning toward being an Oracle deck, rather than Tarot.... maybe it could be a Kailaidescope Oracle... Have you thought of that? then you can essentially do anything you want with them. Tarot has a structure that needs to be honored, as far as I'm concerned. But Oracles are more open to newness.......

I like the deck.... I want to see more!


I wouldn't worry too much about your stars, because fractals aren't everyones' cup of tea. I like your deck and the fractal images chosen. You can put me on the waiting list!

Lady Eclipse

Hi Skydancer,

I'm so happy to see more of your work! The images are bold, very original, inspiring and beautiful. Everything I look for in a deck when I absolutely must have it. :) Personally, I like it the way it is now but if you wanted to give it more of a traditional tarot deck feel, you could use ghost images of tarot symbols like cups, wands, swords, etc. They'd be transparent so it wouldn't interfere with your colorful images.

As for the star rating, I wouldn't worry about it. Art is purely subjective anyway so not everyone is going to see things the way you do and that's perfectly OK. The ones that like it will buy it. As long as you're happy with it, isn't that what really matters?

Joy to you,


I enjoyed looking at your cards, very nice! These cards remind me of a deck of oracle cards I bought once. They were white cards with ink splattered on them. They were to help with your intution. Your cards to me are also like that. The reader has to read the card from their own interpretation. I think this would be harder than the picture cards, But I Like Them! Good Luck with your venture.


those are really cool!
I wish I could see the rest!
having the images as cards one can holds and stare into, seems like they could take someone in to a spiritual jouney {vision}
hypnotic, they are, and very pretty!


Hi skydancer!

i think there is something very unique about your cards...
someof them, are MOVING!
I especially like the 2 of Fire and the World... They totally move and jump!
I think this is the type of cards that can make someone into psychic! Thy speak to senses, emotions rather that trying mentally to first "see what I see"...
They give a very different kind of experience...i'm sure that they would be profound in readings...
Good Luck!

ps: you mentioned (i think) in another thread somewhere, that you work low-res? Try to solve that issue before doing anymore work...It's a pity... ;-)


Spirit Vision

Thank you everyone for all the kind & thoughtful comments. :) I will try to answer questions as best as I can.

Keywords - My thinking behind including keywords was that they might be helpful to those new to reading. Also, since the images are not traditional ones, I thought keywords might help provide more focus to the cards. I am not overly attached to keeping them. If a publisher feels it would be better to put the cards out without them, that will be ok with me.

Tarot or Oracle? - I have not decided yet so I am simply calling it a "Deck" for now. As a Tarot it would certainly be a non-traditional one.

Fractals & Kaleidescopes - Spirit Vision is based on Fractal imagery which are images generated through mathematical calculations. Some can look Kaleidescopish but they are not kaleidescopes. I am doing some minor editing of the images (sharpness, brightness, contrast enhancement) but I am not doing anything to them that would affect the true form and shape of the original fractal image. I have given a great deal of thought to doing a Kaleidescope oracle as fractals do make good kaleidescopes. What's even better about that idea is that my software can make the Kaleidescopes ROUND. :) Kaleidescopes will be a future project once I finish this one.

Moving - Some fractals do appear to be moving, especially if you relax your eyes. Not all of them have this effect; however, some will literally suck you in. hehe. I have sat in front of some for over an hour at a time just meditating and exploring. One night I had a dream. A Fractal image was enlarged in 3d to about the size of a wall. I asked a spiritual teacher for more information and he said they stimulate a certain area of the brain. Too bad he didn't say which area! Perhaps they stimulate dreams and visions.

Res issues - I am still having trouble increasing the resolution quality of the images. I have the png format of them up to about 500dpi now. It seems to be the best I can do with them. If anyone can tell me how to increase the dpi in paint shop pro, I would really appreciate it. I saw it has an option for printing or for creating images; however, my problem is coming from the fact that I need to import the fractal image from my fractal program. Basically, I need to find a way to increase the dpi in paint shop pro for an already existing image.



I'm sorry I can't help you in this, since i don't use paint shop or any fractal programm, not even png's in that matter!
But PLEASE contact tech support/or search for online help on these programms, and I'm sure there is a solution...
Your question is not a complicated one...
There is no reason to do double work later...use your energy for other things instead...! :)