Spiritual Protection


That sounds very sensible Bernice, we all follow the advice of Elders on the path we are learning and for good reason when we are new to something. 10 or 20 years on, perhaps it is time to look deeper.

HOLMES talks about putting dope on to stop the bugs from biting - excellent metaphor, when there is a real threat we would be foolish not to protect ourselves but do we still put the dope on all year round, even inside the house? Likewise with shutting the window to stop a burglar, if you live in an area where this is a possibility it is sensible but, as you say, will not stop a determined burglar who will just break the glass. My cousin has never been burgled yet is so scared that she has 6 or 7 locks on the front door, a lock on every internal door and all the windows. Is it because she has been burgled? No, there is no evidence of any attempted entry over the last 15 years so could it be her fear is out of proportion with the actual threat? If someone wanted to break in they would have broken a window when they were at work.

The more danger we put ourselves in - the more chance that something could happen and we take those risks sometimes like bungee jumping, base jumping etc. The croc hunter died but had no protection - just himself and he was known for his daring (foolhardy??) behaviour around dangerous animals. I am sorry he died but it was his choice for a way of life without boundaries.

There is a difference between needing protection because of a threat and feeling the need for protection because we don't feel we are in control. Checking those reasons now and again and not becoming complacent is healthy in any area of life.



I don't wear off in the winter eheh.

the question there milfoil is despite the stuff happening in real life..
(where the story of the villians breaking in and such that we both used )
does that happen in the astral/spiritual world ?.
it would be hard to judge unless we put ourselves in possible harms way by actively going into such instances where we could test it.

milfoil what spiritual protection do you use before doing any work ? if any that works for you?.
that would help me and others (possibly) understand where you are coming from so we can see the other side of the coin here.