spoke at a young sucide funeral, about the creator love and not being left in darknes


we had a funeral Saturday for young woman in the community who had taken her own life.

the mother who is younger then me (I am 40), is roman catholic but her family was raising her daughter as traditional ojibwe.
she did have amazing grace sung by her relative before the ceremony started.

I was inspired to say something along these lines to her when we get up to view the body and go in a line to hug the immediate family and tell them words of love but what I wanted to say would be kind of long I thought..

my uncle who does the funerals around here for quite a bit of years I dont' know really when he started. maybe close to 15 years ago. I cant' really say.

he said that he invites anyone to come up and share, he said he invited leadership, or friends, or perhaps a youth if they wanted.

I got up and walked over to stand besides him,, and when he was finished speaking. I walked over to share before the mother.

what I said if I remember correctly is this .

"jesus and nabazhoo are one.. or so I learned that in a lodge.
and so nabbazhoo suffered for us for eternity"
his love is so much..
that "name " will be not be left in darkness.. (I got emotional here)
but after today "i think I closed my eyes here "
when we are done with the songs ,, and our ceremonies..
that the creator is soo full of love,,
that "name " will be with the creator today ,
and forever
and it is promised" , as I looked down at the mother
that you meet on the creator god golden shore "
and this is for you "mother name " and she smiled and as I grabbed her hands. "

my uncle said thank you in our native language.. looked around and went on to the next part of the ceremony.

after which I sat down,, and my heart chakra was just shaking,, and my arms were sharking for a good 4 to 5 minutes after I sat down.

later on for the supporters to hug the family
one of her older family members said to me "thanks you for your kinds words, and I said I believe them. "

then the mother said when I went to hug said "thank you for your words, they really helped me ". I said" I believe that " and she said "me too".

my other uncle gave me a ride home after ..

he asked me what I said.. for he couldn't hear me as he sat at the back.
he said they could hear his brother but I have to learn to speak up.
he said he wasnt' giving me crap..
that he asked what I was saying, all they could see was my mouth moving..
so he said "he must be deliving a message ".

(my community know I read the tarot cards and spiritual here, knowing I read at the pow wow for now 8 years this year and such so it wasn't like I stood up at some stranger funeral. but rather in front of family and friends. though the person who passed wasnt' my family.. it is by extended. ).


Holmes, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with us.


Yes, thank you for sharing. Suicide is so hard xoxox