Spread for making a decision


I've got a tricky decision to make at the moment, so I spent a bit of time yesterday making up a spread to help with the decision. I thought I'd share it just in case it might help someone else out.
Keep in mind that I'm big on personal responsibility so the spread doesn't give you easy answers. It does give you valuable information to help you make the best decision for yourself. Anyway, here it is. I've called it Butterfly's decision, not because of my nickname *blush* but because of the transformative qualities of the butterfly, and also because with a bit of imagination it is the shape of a butterfly.


1. issues underlying decision
2. what might hinder making the decision
3. what might help to make the decision
4 & 5- relate to Choice 1
4. challenge/opportunity for me if I decide on Choice 1
5. what would be the outcome if I chose Choice 1
6&7- relate to choice 2
6. Challenge/opportunity for me if I decide on choice 2
7. what would be the outcome if I chose Choice 2
This is for a decision that involves two choices, you could add onto the wings for more choices available.
I hope that's clear. I'm going to post my results in my readings forum, if you'd like an example.


Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap !!!!!


I particularly liked the "Butterfly" thingie...
Maybe the fact that it matches your nick is not just chance! ;)

I love to write down new spreads...
But I even more love to create my own!
This will surely be a source of inspiration...
And, really, this "transformative" butterfly thing is just COOL! :)


I've got to take that away and read it before i understand it properly, but it looks really useful....

thanks butterfly..
(btw...you'll go down in occult history for 'butterfly's spread'...!)

All Is One

Butterfly's Spread is a great name and the shape is perfect.
Thank you so much for the inspiration. I'm sitting here waiting for UPS to deliver a deck I've been waiting for, and the first spread with a new deck needs to be a truly inspired or necessary thing to me; both the timing of your spread's discovery (by me) and the need to make two major decisions as of this last week or two are clear signs that all is in conjunction.

I look forward to working with Butterfly's Spread, and will pass it on to those I read for.


Looks like an interesting spread to use!! I will definately try it out. thanks for sharing :)

Evelyn ~


Thank you for the insight. I just stumbled upon this and I do need to make a decision about something. Thanks! :)


I really like this one, I think it's simple and the shape is beautiful.... :) I'm definetly gonna use it, thanks!


This is a great idea; I like the association with the butterfly and I personally have a few pivotal decisions to make in the very near future and any guidance will be appreciated.
I am however with you when you talk about personal responsibility, there rarely is an easy answer to our complex lives.

I will post my reading and I will look forward to you'r comments!

Love Wendy x


Hi Butterfly!

I just used a personally "modified" version of your spread for an exchange and just wanted you to know I really liked it and the spread does appear to give very clear answers regarding choices to be made!

If anyone is interested in the spread in action, you can find the reading here:

The only modification I made was to keep myself from getting confused! I made the "opportunity/challenge" card two different cards on each wing. For some reason I couldn't figure out if a card in the combined position was an opportunity or a challenge! LOL

This particular spread I did is actually two butterfly spreads combined to make one huge "monarch" butterfly!

Thanks again for sharing this spread Butterfly! I give it two big thumbs up!! :)


How fab!

What a simple yet effective spread. I am going to print it off and use it for any decisions i have to make with a number of choices. I think it is really clever when people make up their own spreads as i often struggle to clearly form the question when i cannot think of a spread to suit it & end up just laying card after card and reading it as a story. While this is sometimes really good, for some readings i feel it is best to have a structured spread, so thanks once again butterfly for a great design.

Love fluffy