Spread for making a decision


This Spread is Awesome

Thank you for posting this spread. I use the Sacred Rose Tarot and it worked 100% with this spread. Never had a spread feel perfect before this one. Thank you so much for sharing!


outstanding spread, it really worked great for me.


WOW. this is an excellent spread for making a choice... thanks.


How convenient, i got my college exam results today, and i need to make a few decisions based on them. Thanks!


Thanks for coming up with this Butterfly! I've been waffling about something all day and this spread made me feel my initial gut reaction is the best way to go (as it usually is, right?)...it's going in my notebook. :)


hey there

im new here im goimg to try and use this spread iv e got a major decision to make but its either a yes go for it thingie or no ive no choices so how do i go about pls help


thank you for posting this! i used it and it was very helpful. i think it has the right balance of cards - not too many, not too few - and the spread also explores key issues.


Thank you Butterfly,

I like ths spread very much. All the positions are clearly defined, which is very important for me in a spread. Will file it away in my journal and try it as soon as the opportunity arises.



I really liked this one and did use it however i was wondering/musing on a way to adapt it when there are more than two options/choices.


just wanted to say that i used this spread for a friend trying to decide whether or not to let go of a long time friend (also ex) from their life and it gave them what they needed. thanks!