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The Universe Knows

On the site, Over The Moon Oracle Cards, she came up with a spread that gets the stalker card to tell you why they're stalking. It's in the form of a letter (Dear Seeker....). I thought it was clever. She also provided her own personal example of an outcome.

I'm not good at providing links, so it's on the above site...the article is from June 17, 2015, and is titled, "Spread: Why Is A Card Stalking Me?"

Apologies if this is old news to everyone....


Stalker Card Spread

Well, links are never a good idea anyway because often they just stop working after some years. So it is always best to re post the spread.
This one looks interesting. Thank you The Universe Knows :)


Dear Seeker,

When I show up in your readings, I'm giving you a message about THIS (Card 1). I'm showing you THIS (Card 2) is what's happening and I want you to be/feel THIS (Card 3) about it. When I appear, I'm asking you to release THIS (Card 4) and embrace THIS (Card 5). When you see me, it's time to take THIS (Card 6) action.


Tarot Card Stalker


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The Universe Knows

The oracle I tried it with penned a rather convoluted letter. I have some new decks arriving, including a Lenormand. The Lenormand would likely write a better letter.