Spread ideas?


My Birthday was last Friday, and so I took Friday and Monday off as vacation as a gift to myself, and then at the last minute decided to go for Tuesday as well ;)...so I got into work today (and I just so happen to work with my BFF) and was surprised to see a present in my drawer from her. She got me The Wizards Tarot!!!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this deck it is so gorgeous. So as a thank you, I'd like her to be the first person I read for with this new deck and was wondering if anyone had any spread ideas that I could do for her?


Oh, what a nice present from your friend. :thumbsup:
Have you checked our Tarot Spreads Index already? You might find something suitable in there. You could have your friend choose the spread.
Or, you could print this list for her and let her choose what she wants to know?