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I found some interesting Alchemy inspired spreads from the AT spreads sub-forum.

Here is an Alchemy spread by Abigail (9 cards):

Abigail said:
The nine card reading can be found in some alchemy work
The top line is the passage of the soul past being the left card now being the center and future being the right card
The second line is the emotion
The third the physical
From my understanding of the works the aim was to bring a harmony as all three levels become balanced.
It was used as a problem solving reading to find the root of a problem.
An example being the problem maybe lack of money.
but looking for answers on a psychical may not be relevant if the problem of the lack of money is caused by feeling spiritually lost so needing to fill that void by spending on *stuff* or courses. It maybe that the problem is on the emotional in that overspending is occurring to make you feel better emotionally. A problem maybe appearing on the emotional but could be stemming from something happening on the physical i.e. ill health. This reading according to the alchemy work I have read was to find the cause of a problem and dealing with it on that level rather than dealing with where the problem was manifesting. It deals with the whole of who we are rather than just one level where a problem may occur.


Nice Hemera!! This thread is a good idea :)

I think this one would be a good one to add here too, considering i'ts correspondence with the elements. I bet it could be tweeked a bit even to align with alchemical principles:

Our spread comes from Thalia Took's website and is called the World Tarot Layout.

.......................3...................4...... ..................
..................................1............... ...................
.......................2...................5...... ..................

"Card 1: This represents what brings you joy and what makes you whole; or, what you need to get there and what you have to deal with; the issues that block your happiness.

The other cards represent the gifts of the four elements, all the ingredients needed to be complete and whole.

Card 2: This card represents the element of earth: meaning the body and material things. This includes basic, simple pleasures, like food, shelter and sex--tangible resources and useful stuff.

Card 3: This card represents the element of water: your intuition, meaningful dreams that can help you define your wants and needs, your soul's work; and your emotional gifts.

Card 4: This card represents the element of air: your intelligence, knowledge you have, the ability through experience to decide and discern.

Card 5: This card represents the element of fire: this is your passion, the source of your energy (or what's blocking it), life, that which energizes and inspires you.

Pay attention to which suits fall in which positions: cards that reinforce the position (for example cups in the water position) indicate strength in that area, whereas suits that oppose the position (for example wands in the water position) may point to a need to work on that aspect of yourself to bring yourself into balance."


I Love Ludy Spread

I :heart: Ludy (-by Hemera)


1. Me and/or Ludy: Where I am now? ; The Heart of the Matter; Significator

2. Closed door. Don´t go here. (Or if you absolutely must...this is the thing to watch out)

3. Open door. Go this way.

4. Message from the Wolf: Deeper stuff; Influences Under the Surface; Something you don´t know but should be aware of

5. A detail not to overlook; Minor thing -but possibly a key to something new.

6. Where this path is likely to lead; long term

7. Where this path is likely to lead; short term


Open The Door by cutiecutie

I found this in our own AT archives some weeks back and I must say this has been working particularly well with LL.

Open The Door (by cutiecutie)

Door * This is the big picture: What you saw when you first took a look at the person or situation

Lock * Look more closely, this is the soul: This is what you may not have seen but it lies at the deepest core of the person or situation

Key * This is the bridge: This is what is needed to bring the two together, to set it free, to bring it into greater light


Oh, thank you for noticing this!
Have you got any cool spreads for our Ludy Lescot deck Glass Owl? I always *love* your spreads :)

Glass Owl

Oh, thank you for noticing this!
Have you got any cool spreads for our Ludy Lescot deck Glass Owl? I always *love* your spreads :)
I will try to sit down with it today and see if inspiration strikes! In the meantime, there is a spread which I asked KMilliron to create for the Ludy Lescot when it first came out. I was haunted by one the Latin phrases on the card backs which means: "Everything which has a beginning must also have an end." That in turn, made me think about the Smashing Pumpkin's song "The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning" and how that song really feels like it should be on the Ludy Lescot soundtrack.

KMilliron created a thread for the spread here.

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins
>>Lyrics Here<<

This is another request, and when I saw "Smashing Pumpkins" my first though was "research," becuase the vocals of this band (Billy Corgan) is one of the musicians I really admire. He THINKS about the music, and doesn't just write it. The music itself is amazing, but when given the right background information, his music becomes a masterpiece.

In this case, there is quite a bit of background information. To sum it up, while the song was featured on the The Watchmen trailer, Billy wrote the original, faster version of the song "The End is the Beginning is The End" about Batman. Watchmen and Batman are darker themed comic heroes, both being vigilantes. I don't have as much experience with The Watchmen, but Batman (Billy wrote specifically about the 40's Batman who was even darker than modern Batman) is particularly brooding and ruthless.

Both sets of heroes act this way out of the negative things they see in society, although this negativity is also reflected in themselves, and this is the idea Billy Corgan tried to convey.​

Card One- Your negative aspects
"Time has stopped before us. The sky cannot ignore us. No one can separate us, for we are all that is left"
This card reflects the negative aspects you are feeling, and what has you feeling down at this point in time.

Card Two- How you view the world
"Delivered from the blast, The last of a line of lasts, The pale princess of a palace cracked"
Not how you view the world, necessarily, but your surroundings.

Card Three- How this world is reflected in you
"And now the kingdom comes Crashing down undone And I am a master of a nothing place Of recoil and grace"
How everything in this world reflects in you. The negativity we experience becomes reflected in us. If you don't quite follow think of the phrase "Hurt people hurt people"

That's part one. Notice the circle. No end, no beginning. Now comes the part of the spread meant to help you.

Card Four- Result of the cycle.
" And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flame. We can watch the world devoured in its pain"
What will happen to you in the long run should this cycle continue.

Card Five- How to break the cycle
"Is it bright where you are? And have the people changed? Does it make you happy you're so strange?"




Thank you Glass Owl! I did not know about this spread. Looks really good.