Can you guys share the spreads you use with your Faeries oracle? Thanks!! For now I am only doing 4 card readings and they seem to work fine but I am trying to expand onto more complex spreads and was wondering if you guys could share, thanks!


Peeks head out of cave :)

This is the one area I do 100% on intuition..
I dont use Spreads
Depending on the reading how many Cards I draw & where they are put ....
I then look at all the cards & where they are in relation to each other then read them....

I am not a Traditional Tarot Person I dont read Tarot at all ... I only use the FO cards & runes.

When reading for others I get them to chose a Number & then lay them in a pattern that seems right.

This definatly makes for some interesting readings

On the other hand I didnt come by my deck in a regular manner either :)


Here's a previous thread about the same thing...(thought there was another one, but can't seem to find it...it had much much much more spreads in it).


Hope this helped some...but by all means, keep posting about new spreads, perhaps some of you have discovered more or other spreads that have yet to be posted that would be very helpful.


Here is one spread, that is fairly (faerily :)) simple. In my case credit goes to faeries (well, who else, I suppose!).
1 is supposed to represent the 'center' of the triangle formed by 2-3-4.

1. Your present actions (behavior) in core.
2. What your action will result in shortly (or, to be more precise, what you are heading to, when you are behaving like that).
3. A possible outcome if you change your beviour according to motivation in pos.5.
4. A possible outcome if you change your beviour according to motivaion in pos.6.
5. Available motivation to head for result in pos.3.
6. Available motivation to head for result in pos.4.
7. Your motivation (basis) for your present behavior.

A bit of explanation on how I use it.
As I said, faeries provided me with this spread. I find it useful when I need to see a wider perspective of what my actions can be. And I check what personal motivations I can rely on when choosing to act a specific way. I experienced some psychological difficulties dealing with spreads (for myself) that include an 'advice' position. It's hard for me to change my behavior on one advice without minor rebuilding in other areas of life. This spread doesn't give you an advice, but rather a choice. If you continue to do what you do (1), you will get a result (2), but be sure that you know what (7) drives you. There is also 2 other points you can get to from now (3 and 4), but you need to be sure that you structurize your behavior according to your motivation (5 and 6), otherwise, it's a pretence. That's what faeries told ME. It can different for others. :)

As I realized, this is quite a tricky spread, because doing it sometimes I keep in the back of my mind what I would want to see in one or another position. And when I open cards, I see a confusing picture, because what I wanted is actually lying in 3rd or 4th position. Thus, faeries are telling me that if I want something, I'd better get different reasons for my behavior. If I continue, then I should not complain that I have not been warned. ;) So, this triangle is actually a perfect playground for Topsy-Turvets (you can look at it from any angle ;)).

Good luck!

Shadow Wolf

The fairies always let you know what they want you to do and even how they want you to do it.

I'm new to the deck, and I've just been pulling cards and it's been amazing the results I've gotten !!!!!

Gawtcha made her presence known when I clicked on a thread about her. I didn't realized until then that she's hard at working
nudging me toward facing my greatest fears !!!!

Spread or no they find a way to communicated with you and to let you know that they are around !!!