So who's used these cards to read for others and what spreads have you used? Anyone done a distance reading?

I've just completed one. My biggest obstacle came out to be the spread; so, as one must, I improviesed.

Somehow standard spreads didn't seem the right path with this deck. I simply started laying cards out. In the end i found myself doing a continuance sort of reading. Question, lay the cards, read, set them aside, shuffle remaining cards, related or continueing question, lay cards, etc. Until I felt I had a full answer.


Hey Jade,

Interesting method. I've done distance readings with the Faeries' and I find they are so clear. For any reading I create the spread while drawing the cards and along the way while drawing each card I decide what the card will mean. I write down the spread and the meanings for each card before I turn over each card, and then reading them accordingly.

Just keep trying and practicing, and have fun :)


I haven't used this deck to read for others. I've been using it to read for myself, though. I've been having luck with a Body, Mind, Spirit spread. :) This deck sings!



I have used these cards at the beginning for others, but after doing the mandala spread with them, for myself, the answers were so honest and personal, I couldn't bear the thought of using them for others.
I'll dig out the mandala spread, because it is so suited to these cards. It was the most heartbreaking, but affirming reading I've had.


Butterfly I would be most interested in information on the Manadala spread you mentioned. Thanks for sharing.


Ditto what Jewel said!

I'm very interested in learning about the mandala spread!



Link to Mandala spread

This is the link to the Mandala spread that I use. It's a spread for personal development, and suits the cards really, really well.


As I said, when I did this spread, it was heartbreakingingly honest. All of my flaws and gifts layed out in front of me- I finally made sense to myself- LOL


Oh, thank you, Butterfly! I am eager to do one of these spreads for myself now! I'll have to let y'all know how it goes.

Thanks for the link and the spread suggestion.



Thanks for the spread! I will have to find myself some time to do this and see how it goes. I will report back to let you know if it worked for me when I get a chance.


Thanks from me , too , Butterfly. Will definitely try it on myself.

Haven't been brave enough to try doing readings for others with the Faeries yet but Faerie Lin did a great one for me. Really made me get my act together.