Spring Equinox 2012


Just sharing a link I found regarding the spring equinox. Thought it might jump start some of us (ME for example, I just realized it's almost here!) into thinking about some rituals to do. These are quite simple, but I thought a nice way to start thinking about the season.


Was hoping others might share some of their thoughts regarding this wondrous time of rebirth and growth!


I knew it started tomorrow, but wasn't sure of the 'exact' time. I won't get too much done tomorrow, but we are already planning our garden. the hubby was out yesterday in the yard getting the ground ready and my part includes checking out the pots and seeds for our garden this year. :) I get the fun part! :D

As for cleaning a space, well, we've been doing this since we moved home again as we have so much stuff and it's time to weed it all out and pass it along to whomever can use what we don't need. I already have two boxes of things to donate. I may take that and drop it off tomorrow.

Wish I had known about the ham and eggs thing being traditional for this. we've just made a stuffed ham (no eggs alas), but since we have now eaten the ham two days in a row, the hubby may be a bit tired of it for tomorrow. I could eat another days worth of it. this is my fave dish!

the walking in nature is easy and I try to do that every day anyway. went out today before the rain began. it was lovely! saw 3 very large ravens and stopped to watch them while they sat on a tree branch overlooking the creek that runs by. it was a pretty picture. I wish I had my camera with me.

thanks for the link GD. I lvoe the first picture of the tree with the moon in it. BEAUTIFUL!


Thanks for the reminder. I love spring more than all other seasons. This morning the holly bush beside my back door was covered with hundreds of little buzzing bees, doing their annual thing. What a great time to be alive!


It is a great time to be alive, LRichard!

I love reading what others are noticing in their areas and what they're planning.

Well, you have an instant ritual, CelticNoodle! Cleaning! I plan on doing that tomorrow, especially my little altar on the mantle of the fireplace. I will also go out as soooo much is blooming. Anyone know what a red bud tree is? I didn't til I moved to Kansas, not exactly big in Arizona. Well, there's one in the front yard and I'm hoping to get a few branches from that to put in a cobalt vase I have. It's wonderful seeing everything starting to bloom.

So cleaning, burning some incense, being out in nature, that probably about covers it for me tomorrow, maybe a small ritual welcoming Spring.


I love spring equinox. I grew up on a farm- so that means PLANTING season has arrived- so YAYYYY! All the seeds planted on Imbolc are ready to be put in the ground. We have already started preparing our garden and flower beds for planting.

Our eggs were colored on St Patricks day. We have a traditional meal that my family has passed down for a long time that consists of regular Polish goodies to include kiszka, pierogies, horseradish mixed with beets, brine pickles, the colored eggs, home-made cheese, raisin bread and a semi-sweet white wine with nut rolls for dessert.

The intent and preparation of the food is important- we all work together to cook. We offer food to the ancestors and the land. And then afterward, private ritual/prayer is done individually if desired. It is a wonderful time of the year :)


Today is the day that we move into more light than dark. A time for celebration and the promise of abounding fertility. A time when the birds start to lay eggs again, the buds on the trees are swollen and bursting, the blackthorn is in flower even before its leaves are out and the daffodils are shining like mini suns in the grass.

Nothing personal Penthasillia but merely because you mention it, we never celebrate St. Patrick's day because here in the UK it is a) just an excuse for drunken and rowdy behaviour and b) St. Patrick was the Christian who banished the Pagans or Druids (snakes) from Ireland, so as a Pagan, not exactly something I agree with or want to celebrate. As I say, not a slight at you but merely a comment since you had mentioned it.

We do, however make pace eggs (hardboiled eggs wrapped in onion skins which sort of tie-dye the eggs into lovely brown and pink colours) then roll them down a hill and whoever's egg survives wins. Then we all eat them Yummy.

The Camellias are out at this time of year too and there are several legends linking them to beautiful but heartless women turned into flowers because they did not deserve to be women any longer. This symbol fits in with not allowing the depressive or dark thoughts which winter (or any time of darkness and depression) turn our hearts cold. No matter what problems we have had, turning our whole being to the sun and being beautiful from the inside is more important.

The blackthorn is also a key symbol of awakening and giving with no thought to oneself at this time of year. It puts its beautiful and delicate white flowers out before its leaves, using up valuable stores of energy from it's roots to do so but it offers some of the only nectar available at this time of year to feed some of the first pollinating insects (and consequently the hedgerow birds who are nesting). At the Spring Equinox it is known as 'Mother of the Woods'. More information HERE


Spring cleaning here in quite a few ways!
Blasting the house clean, yes I may even head into the cupboard of doom and clear it out!
Air the house out with a little smudge (my guy will be sneezing all night!) then head down to the beach with my drum and get some funny looks from the locals :D


We've been cleaning and airing out since last weekend. I don't think I could ever live in a house without the attic fan that sucks the stale air out and swooshes the new air through with such efficiency. Last evening I decided on the spur of the moment to put away all my sweaters and winter pants and bring out my summer things. A box of shoes has been started for the donations to the women and children's shelter (Nice shoes, barely worn- I have good intentions of wearing dress shoes but never do) I planted many herbs over the past week or so and some of my little seedlings are coming up :) Yesterday the DH was repainting a few things outside that needed it and pressure washing the walkway in the back yard. Spring has definitely sprung around here- we weren't really sure if it had started a few weeks ago, because we really had no definitive winter to speak of, but the pollen count and the bees buzzing confirmed it. My Ostara altar was set up on Saturday. I've been consistent in setting up my altars since Lammas, so a goal is being achieved.

Today's the day your brooms can stand up straight all by themselves (actually- it was doing it last week, too ;) )


Penthasillia, what a beautiful post!

Today's the day your brooms can stand up straight all by themselves (actually- it was doing it last week, too ;) )

:) lol! never heard this one before--but will be watching my brooms! :D