Star Man


This is the spread I usually use for "general readings". Each card represents a part of the client's life.

The star-man is for looking at people, either a client or yourself.

1 - Heart- Who the person is "at center". Their defining characteristic at the moment
2 - Head - How the person is thinking or feeling inside their mind.
3 - Right Hand - Public Life and Work. How others see the person in a public setting. Who the person is to people they just meet.
4 - Left Hand - Private Life. Who the person is "at home". The role they take in their close relationships.
5 - Left Foot - Waning Influence. The thing or energy that is leaving the person's life.
6 - Right Foot - Waxing Influence. The thing or energy that is coming into the person's life.

The cards should be read in order, mostly. I try to look for interactions and inconsistencies, especially if the person is asking about problems they are having.