starting again -- the veinglory tarot


Hi Patter,

you're a brilliant artist, I love this picture - particularly the snake on the foot! There's alot of texture and atmosphere here, can't wait to see more cards. Do you intend keeping them black and white or in colour?

Good luck Moonbow*

PS I love it how it is


Thanks for the compliment! I intend to stay b/w as that is what most of my normal illustration work is and what I anm best at. It might also make the final deck cheaper to produce?

Lady Eclipse

Hi patter,

The card is very nicely done. I like it in black and white. If you added color to this, I think it would be too much and detract from the mysterious feel of the card. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Joy to you,


Originally posted by patter
My first card, wish me luck. 77 to go.

Very nice! I t also makes a chage to see b/w cards.

What do you mean starting again?

I take it you have had more than one atempt. If so that's normal!
I've scrapped a few cards/ ideas in my time and started a fresh and felt much better after.

At least you know what not to do and I think for me I would find it very painful if I finished a whole deck and wasn't happy with it.

Good luck:D


new card added


Very Nice!


I would consider buying a copy of this deck (Or possibly up to 3 copies if they were priced low enough; a couple of my friends would LOVE this). You sold me with the expressions of the lesser figures in the Hierophant & Devil cards. Fantastic little set you have here, I'm excited to see you run with this :D


Urg...sorry sorry sorry. My computer glitched and I ended up posting the wrong message to the wrong thread! I'm so sorry!

I did wish to say that I love the images you posted! You have such rich texture and creativity in you're cards with intricate details and a wonderful feel to them. I really want to see more of them. They're interesting and well done, so I'll be checking back and expecting to see more :)


a fews more works-in-progress posted