State of the Friendship


...or the relationship, or the enemy-ship, or the brother-ship, etc. Any given "X-ship."

Came up with this on a whim last night--shuffled my deck and knew that I wanted to draw six cards, and came up with what each card represented as I drew them off the top (before I saw the image, of course). Maybe other people will find it helpful. If this is a repeat of similar spreads, I apologize.

Can be any shape you like, I just put them in a straight line. A pyramid shape like my earlier 6 Card Conflict Resolution spread might work nicely, too. (1-3 the base, 4-5 the middle, 6 the crown.)

1. What the other person thinks/feels about you.
2. Why they are in YOUR life; what you are to learn from THEM.
3. Why you are in THEIR life; what they are to learn from YOU.
4. Attitude adjustment, how you should interact with them, something to consider in dealing with them.
5. Advice
6. Outcome, the immediate future of the X-ship.

I guess I should add the provision that I designed this with a certain person in mind--someone in my life that I can't quite "drop," who seems to be significant in some karmic or other way.


I used this spread, worked amazingly well. with a person that i cant seem to drop either!


I tried it last night and it certainly made me think, although it confused me a bit (still a beginner at this, and it's a complicated friendship!) so I posted about my reading in the 'Your Readings' part of the forum. It's a good spread though, thanks for posting it! :)


I tried this, wow. I liked it! thank you!


Reversed cards....

I did your spread and got all reversed cards, except for one (the fool!). I did it as a friendship spread. What's ur thought?


I got Temperance for attitude adjustment position. What a coincidence!

Thanks for the spread! :D