~ Staying motivated


So, you have started your new deck, the ultimate rendition of the perfect deck for you, now - what do you do to remain focussed and motivated to keep working on it and finish the whole thing? Do you get to a stage where your project, that at one point seemed like the most important thing ever, takes a backwards step? How is your tarot deck coming along?

Major Tom

It's funny but I know I will eventually finish my deck.

Slow periods? Well yes, I think it's inevitable to go through slow periods especially when you consider the enormity of the project. 78 original works of art required! I've been going through a slow period - no new cards for several months. I take comfort from the fact that Bea Nettles took 4 years to complete the Mountain Dream Tarot. I've been working on Major Tom's Tarot for just over 2 years and I'm just over half way through. :)

Motivation? Well my dear friend Kayne - I find your question answers itself - Major Tom's Tarot will be the "ultimate rendition of the perfect deck" for me. That by itself is enough to keep me going. The project occupies my thoughts and dreams. I often find myself looking at a scene or situation and thinking 'that's what I need for that card'. Of course - feedback from my friends helps too.

I've currently got the photos I need to produce 3 more cards. As I like to work in groups of 5 or more - I'm still in a photo gathering stage. I can feel some of those on their way to me as I write this - so it shouldn't be too much longer before I can show you some new cards. })


It helps me to read other's are going through this process.

I too am in the photo gathering phase. Which is looking for and cutting pictures out of the national geographic. I find that so relaxing and energizing at the same time.

Just being in the moment....

Then it just hits me what should go where for my meaning of the particular card or cards.

It's alot of fun. Good for the soul and helps me understand the tarot much more also.



Need some motivation kayne? Ill give you some if you want ;)

*grumblng about waiting for more 21st century tarot cards including the completed chariot*

LOL hehehe



when i dont work on my deck for long periods, such as now, its because of lack of time for it (vacation is over, a very busy and loaded school year started along with some other time eating activities...). but the tarot project still fascinates me and excites me, and im anxious to finish my deck, so while doing other things i cant help thinking of it and planning the cards in my head. and then, when i get to some time space when i can finally throw myself in front of the computer for a couple of hours and work on my deck, the tension built in this time goes loose, and the enjoyment is alot greater. so thats my motivation :)


in my masque tarot, i find that as i progress with the creation of the cards, the stlye of the images changes as well. and i end up with cards which are not what i originally planned, but still nonetheless satisfy what i intended for the cards.

i guess its a growing process.



Actually, for me, working on my tarot deck is sort of a motivator in its own right. When I get bogged down in my writing I shut the computer off and pull out my sketchbook and my mock-ups (on index cards) and fiddle with them for a while. Eventually I go, 'sheesh- 78 cards... what was I thinking?' and I'm able to jump back into my writing with no problem.


Kidding. I find the best motivator to be the fine folk I've been meeting on Aeclectic, actually. :D:D:D


music to my ears


One of my tips would be to listen to music.

I just noticed a few weeks ago how much fast I work when I listen to load music + I surprise myself with the work that I do.

I saw a doc on TV not too long ago on Jackson Pollock and he works with load music and you can see this in his work. Even if his work looks the same to most people.

+ take breaks every now and again.

Do you have any tips to keep going??


To me, creating a personal deck is also a way of staying motivated to study. I study veterinary medicin and history and that keeps me very busy, but I need to draw and create to stay healthy. I tried to focus on just one aspect of my interests for a while, but I found myself longing to do something else. So when classes started this year, I decided to choose no longer, but do it all! I keeps me very very busy, but it also keeps me from getting lazy, or tired of just one subject. I make my sketches when classes are boring and when I am tired of studying I paint a little to clear my mind. This way I feel that all my needs are met, and I'm very well balanced.


hey -- is this the same kayne form deviant art? Post your fool card here -- it's the best!!!

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