Steampunk tarot (Moore) - 9 cups


Here we have a rather jolly scene. Illuminated above the bar we see the sign with the proclomation "Best ales - Wines - Spirits". (Bit of a boast eh :D )
The bartender is the stereotypical buxom barmaid. In front of her, lined up on the counter are 9 glasses of red wine.

Quite often I see this card as indicating the requirement to be happy with the self before looking for happiness from a relationship. We need to love and feel comfortable with ourselves before we can truly be part of a healthy and reciprocal relationship. Otherwise we may find we settle for something that is not quite right for us, but we mistakenly believe it is what will best fulfill us. And by doing this, we never make the effort, or break through fear barriers of knowing what we can do for ourselves.

I also like how this card does subconsiously show us to be careful of what we wish for. I know many read this as the wish card (which I tend to associate more with the Star) so this may need to be addressed here. She will provide what we ask for. She will not judge or give a lecture on the perils of alcohol. It is in her interest to give what we ask for, as she also benefits through healthy sales. Yet is it really healthy to want 9 glasses of wine? And in particular is it healthy to have them all at once? Trust me - I know what red wine can do. It will send a hang over into orbit with regards resultant headache, like no other alcoholic beverage can. T'is true - apparently the chemical composition is such it is renowned for being the headache maker of all headache makers.

So, how does all this relate to the 9 of cups? I think she is saying it is okay to be self indulgant, but maybe know your limit. She will not impose a limit for you. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, so maybe there is a need to lighten up a little emotionally and let the hair down for a while. Therefore this card can be seen as positive or could even come with more than a hint of a warning. I guess context and surrounding cards will give an indication as to the direction to follow.

A few pauses for thought, as per my usual style:

**Why is red wine portrayed as opposed to any other alcoholic beverage? How could that be incorporated into a reading situation?

** There appear to be no seating at the bar. What is the relevance of that?

** If you were to walk into your own personal bar, what would you ask for and why?