Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Four of Cups


Here we have another scene we can certainly relate to, and identify as being typical of a RWS depiction.

A gentleman is sitting at a desk, his arms folded and sleeves rolled up. His shirt is unbuttoned at the collar, his tie loosened. He has his feet up on the deck and crossed. On the desk we also see a couple of rolled scrolles, three chalices (one does show red liquid) and a couple of closed books. On the shelves behind we see another chalice and a skull as well as further unopened books. His expression is blank. Is he contemplating what to do, or is he in a dreamworld? Or....

So many possible angles to consider.

He may be putting off tasks as shown by the scrolls and books. Instead he has chosen to kick back and drink, but even that is boring him now.

Has he got other things on his mind which are a burden of sorts, stopping him working or enjoying life?

Or is he just having one of thos NFI days? (If anyone wants to know what that means let me know... the first word is Not, and the last word is Interested :D )

Whatever the situation, it does show it could be a downwards spiral here. The longer we are lifeless and have no interest in doing anything, the more effort is required to lift ourselves out of that rut. And so the vicous circle begins.
I like how Barbara points out the role the skull could play. It really could lead to a wasting away on so many levels until there is nothing really left.

I can't help but think modern day decks show this card at its best, but this is a fairly good rendition.