Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Judgement


Our second visit to the Majors. Just to let anyone know reading this, I am going out of order somewhat, and using the order of study as shown in a book I am using in conjunction with this deck. (Around the Tarot in 78 Days by Marcus Katz).

Now this one I quite like.
We have a split scene, as depicted in most decks for this particular card. Top half shows a winged (pilot?) cranking the handle to a gramaphone. We can see there is a large vinyl record on it (and yes I am old enough to remember the old 33 rpm albums). The gramaphone is sitting on a short/stubby legged table which is floating above the second half of the scene.

This second half has three characters sitting in what could be described as a bit of a futuristic, and typically steampunk vehicle. The female is standing up and appears to be aware of the character above and the tune they are playing. She is responding to it. The male seems to be aware but is not responding. A third male is slouched over. He may be unaware, may be asleep or is not wanting to acknowledge.

In some ways this is actually reflecting wht we see on the RWS imagery, but in a more morden manner. In that respect it is less intimidating as it is not linked to either christianity or other religious imagery, and is not so reliant on symbolic interpretation. It is right there :) :)

I would dowse to see which character I would need to focus on in the reading, as each character's approach to the music and winged being would be very different, and would therefore throw a different slant on the reading.

Whatever the scenario one thing would be clear: This is a wake up call. You can ignore at your peril. If ignored issues will still be there. A bit like that scene from Ghost where Whoopi Goldberg trys to ignore the ghost but can't - he will sing "I am Henry the 8th" until she does tune in :D

The slouched person is the one which probably offers the most intrigue. Are they afraid of acknowledging the music, or are they apathetic? Lots of issues here to consider. And it is so clearly layed out, I don't feel I need to do my ** question ? method with it :D