Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Queen of Wands


Here we have a horsebacked queen. And she does not have anything to signify her rank. No crown or finery. Her top hat and veil reminds me of how modern day three day eventers dress when doing the dressage part of the course.
The horse appears to be a workhorse of sorts - possibly a dray or shire horse. It really is quite meaty compared to the racers of the species, and if it is a work horse, it would fit perfectly well with the suit of wands. She is a worker, and would expect those she associates with to be similar minded.
The horse has a sunflower between its ears. Not sure what that signifies at the moment, but it could indicate as long as it is daylight, it will be ready to be called into action.

This queen is looking out of the card at us. What can we make of her expression? Is it challenging, expectant or something else? I guess I need to see this in a reading to really tune in to what she may be saying or thinking.

As with the Queen of swords I previously described, this image does not really offer much for us to say 'yep - that is the wands lass!' She is dressed for action that is for sure. So we can guess she is out on the horse regularly, and not just for ceremonial occasions.