Steampunk tarot (Moore) - XVII The Star


This card is another I find does not really jump out with ready explanations within the imagery. Like the World, this is a card that is often portrayed whereby interpretations are often taken from what we individually associate with the card (keywords?), or through symbology alluded to within the card.

This one appears to be no execption. The Moon has been shown as a metalwork(?) seat for the lady seated within.
I did wonder if she was the HP shown in a different setting, but this is not the case.
The sky is dark with a few stars shown in the background. The ladies dress is dark in colour. She wears a helmet of sorts with wings on the side we can see. I was immediately thrown into thinking of the God Mercury, and the fact he was a winged messanger.
Her right hand is resting on her knee, her left hand is extended outwards and downwards. We see a shining star - the brightest star in fact, in the palm of her hand.

So, in my usual style I will just raise points to ponder, with some of these hopefully being answered in readings, with follow up to be posted here:

** If we are led to think of an indirect link with Mercury, what message is she portraying to us?

** Is the star behind her in the sky, or is it actually in the palm of her hand? What is the significance of that?

** Is it there to illuminate or as an offering?

A lot may depend on associations you have with this card. Some see it as the 'wish' card, others see it as remaining positive, and sending out positive thoughts and intents for an outcome.
Either way, there is definitely a suggestion not to lose hope. To keep that spark alive. Stars never go out. They may at times fade, they may at times flicker but they are always there. Sometimes we need to just clear the clouds in order to remind ourselves of this. Her brightness does not fade. It is only what we create and put in the way that can give the impression the light has gone out.