Still Bothered About A Vision I Had In 2010

Glass Owl

Still Concerned About A Vision I Had In 2010

I've had some experiences that are out of the ordinary. I once saw a ghost in a cemetery. I smelt blood and death around what I found out later to be torture devices. I've also have had dreams that have come true.

In addition, I've had some experiences where I've heard short phrases or sentences in my mind, which I think are coming from my guides. A few years ago I had a vision that was from my Dad, making a joke about a shirt that I was holding.

Back in 2010 I logged into my AT account and I was looking at the main forum page where you can see portions of the titles of the last threads posted in each section. Well, I remember seeing the words "Missing FOUR Year Old" and I had a vision come to me.

In my mind's eye I could see a dark outline of a person from about the waist up and around the edges there was a bit of light. I couldn't see any features and I couldn't tell if I was seeing the front or back of the person. The arms were up and the body was slowly moving upwards. At first I thought that the person was maybe in the sky but then I realized that the edges of the body (the clothing) and the hair were moving in such a way that the person had to be under water and from my viewpoint I was underneath him/her. While I realized that the person was dead, I also felt a sense of peace and letting go.

My hands started shaking so much that it took me some time to finally check out the thread. I kept praying that I was wrong, that the person was found safe. My stomach did flips when I saw that they were looking in a river. I kept tabs on the thread for days and I remember feeling so many emotions. I wanted to say something to someone, to tell them to keep looking in the river but I didn't have a clue who to tell. I didn't want people to think I was a crackpot and even I started to question myself.

I told my husband but he didn't really understand and he didn't really want to deal with it. When I read on the thread that his body had been found in the river, I sobbed and sobbed. I was so sad and yet I was so relieved that he had been finally found. I feel that for some reason it was very important that he was found.

To this day I feel so many things about the knowledge I had been given. I don't understand why... why me? I have read and watched a lot of programs on tv about missing persons/crimes and I've never had an experience like this one. Yesterday I was watching an episode of Medium and I thought back to this vision. I wonder what I could have done differently. And what lesson if any, I should be taking from this.

Have you had anything like this happen to you? Or have any ideas on how I can make some sense of this?


Glass Owl,

I often have dreams that come true, I have images come to mind sometimes, especially when I meet new people, and I often pull people's emotions into myself. this last one I find the most difficult to cope with and understand.

Understanding why is always the hard part. I still dont, but i haven't fully gotten to the stage of acceptance either lol People say it gets easier once you accept.

I can't imagine what you are feeling. I wish i knew what to say, i don't really.

Have you considered that maybe, if you were seeing this, and aware of this child, that maybe, just maybe he/she was also aware of you. and that maybe you helped the child find peace, instead of fear, helped them to let go. Awareness can create many feelings. Maybe your awareness is designed to help others through their transitions. Maybe it wasn't, as sad as it is, to 'save' the child, but to help them when their time came, to pass into the next phase without fear. You said you felt great peace and 'let go'....

Maybe not, its just a thought.

((glass owl))
Jes xx


(((Glass Owl)))

I have had similar experiences, with missing people. It is a heartbreaking experience to go through, because, like you, I've felt the same things about who to tell? fearing being wrong, and questioning what I experienced. wondering if people would think I was some sort of a crack pot, everything that you also stated.

I don't have the answers for you, save to say that I do agree with what Jes has posted. Perhaps people like us have these experiences to be able to help the person to find peace and to move on into the afterlife easily and peacefully. I don't really know, but I do like to think that perhaps it is to do this, as Jes posted.

I hope you can find some peace with this over all. while it can sometimes be a very difficult ability to possess, it can also be very rewarding when you can use it to help someone. I hope that you will have more of those rewarding experiences from now on.

Glass Owl

Thanks Jes and celticnoodle., it is a relief that I'm not going crazy and that the feelings that I'm experiencing are normal given what happened.

Yes, there was a very strong feeling of peace. The imagery I saw had a serene beauty to it, he was free. Even after I realized the circumstances of what I was seeing those feelings didn't leave me.

As a small child I got very sick and died several times and was brought back thanks to others and as one nurse called it, "luck." I was too young to have a solid recollection of what happened and yet there are feelings and things on the edges of my memory. A few years after it happened I started talking about "the other side" and protective beings of light, despite a non-religious upbringing to the bewilderment of my mother. I felt that I didn't want to come back because it was beautiful over there but that I was told I had to come back. As a child it was a weird feeling, that I was okay with dying and leaving my mother and siblings but as I got older I realized that it wasn't wrong to feel what I felt in that situation.

If it is possible that I helped this little boy cross over in some way that would be, wow, that would be incredible. I often wonder if maybe he just put his message out there in the world and I just happened to be tuned to the right channel at the right time.