still using Sacred Circle Tarot


Hi, I own my Sacred Circle Tarot cards for about 1,5 years now - and I still find it interesting, I wonder that so many people here started to post and then gave up. Does that mean you gave up using the Sacred Circle Tarot? Are other Tarot cards more interesting now? Do you think you have recognised all details of the cards. I never find it boring. Well, seems like I found this forum too late. Mmh, there are some other cards about Celtic Tradition, elves and druidcraft is also interesting. I'll see if I like the cards.


Deck study threads are more a labor of love than anything else. But they have a lot of value because new folks come in and add to the deck knowledge and as the threads continue they become a nice body of reference work for everyone.

Anyone can renew a study group, just jump in, hopefully others using the deck will follow your lead.


I have recently revisited this deck.. I was and have been looking for a deck that I can connect with. I have come back to this one for the third time. I seem to get bored and move one for a while...