Stock photo Deck ID


No, but that ladies headband sure is groooovy! 😂😜


Seems to be a pastiche of several decks in there. I obviously recognise the RW-clone (but don't know which one it is) and the Thoth, and I also know the sepia-monochrome one that finishes the collection towards the bottom of the page (but I don't recall what it's called right now).


The pencil ones actually look very familiar.... They were created for a TV show:

It seems you can see more on FB - there's a link. NOT going there !

The credit seems to be to one Petchjira... but that could just be for having pulled the images off line... })


Cool! I was asking for a friend who actually saw them on an episode of 20/20 about psychic fraud, where they introduce the people involved:

This episode was 2015, so they might have borrowed the images from Witches after it wrapped.


Can someone identify if the cards in this stock portfolio are a published deck? Thanks.

There are a lot of different decks here, did you want to know all of them?

In addition to Thoth and the Witches of East End TV cards, there is Tarot of the Old Path.

Also "Samiramay Tarot" which I found on DeviantArt and seems to be online only. I think the artist on DeviantArt has posted it both black and white and color versions for stock photos. Not sure it's in print.

I also watched the first few minutes of the video and saw the 1JJ and Universal Waite.


Can someone identify if the cards in this stock portfolio are a published deck? Thanks.

This link is actually to a "best" sort on a search result - and therefore shows images from a variety of Istock photographer contributors.

Guessing the one that you are asking about is by the contributor "Petchjira"- as Gregory mentioned in her post - and if you check out their full portfolio you will see quite a few other images of this same deck. Also you may notice that the stock images have the blue black background (sort of fleur de lis background), which is then seen on the other website link for the Witches tarot - so the website may have used the stock images for their site.

Theoretically a stock contributor should have copy right or permission to use - and the image uploaded for commercial use has a signed "Property Release" from the artist of the deck to use the image in a commercial license scenario. Therefore you could email Istock photo and ask the question about the name of the deck or contact details - as "Petchjira" appears to be an exclusive contributor to Istock - and the images appear to have been uploaded in about 2014.

On the other hand, you will notice, for example the Thoth card images on the Istock site, when you click on them - they show that they are for Editorial use only - which means that they cannot be used commercially, and only for for news articles etc - as there would not have been a signed Property Release for these.

It is interesting looking at some of these images - click to see whether commercial or editorial, as you can recognise some of the decks as well known printed decks - but they seem to have got through as commercial images. Maybe the stock approvers find it difficult to recognise all the different decks out there as to which ones are recognisable .... and would still have valid copyright. lol