stones or herbs to ease grief?


are there any healing stones or herbal teas that will really ease grief?


Jet - i checked my book for you....

Overcomes grief and depression, and bereavement, especially after the death of a partner. And conquers negative thought patternes of fear other doing harm or sending bad luck even if unfounded.

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rose quartz are great


Not quite herbs, but they are natural and gentle and I've found them very effective; what about trying flower essences? Bach Rescue Remedy covers all shock,distress etc but one of its componenents Star of Bethlehem is particularly good for grief (either recent or longstanding). Bach essences are available worldwide from a lot of health food shops.

There are plenty of other essences from all over the world and quite a lot of the makers have done combos to address grief.


this info will help my friend a lot, thanks everyone...


clear quartz and rose quartz are two wonderful gemstones to have if you are having a difficult time/grief. They are both known to calm you. howlite is another gemstone that is used for calming. And, then also the beautiful Lapis lazuli stone! it is very calming and soothes nerves and also helps to keep the body and spirit well balanced. This stone is also recommended for those experiencing depression, so it should be good with grief, as well, I would think.

As for herbs, I like to drink chamomile tea. it really relaxes me and is also fantastic as a sleep aide. Another herb would be the lemon balm or perhaps lemon verbena, which are both known for its calming and soothing abilities. then, there is also peppermint, which is widely available, but personally, I don't care for that.

The crowned one

Ignatius, Hyssop, Vit B complex and C and if you have access to it Tryptophan is fantastic.


Lemon Balm (Melissa) is a wonderful tea for sadness and heartache. And it's very gentle too. Physically it treats cramps, nervousness, insomnia, fever, gas, melancholy and depression. And it's a very gentle herb that can even be used for kids.

Another herb for that is Valerian is a sedating and calming herb. It is very good for people who feel 'cold' because of emotional conditions, but not very good for those who are warm - who tend to have a higher body temperature or easily feel hot - because Valerian makes you warm. Usually the part used is the root, and it's a very potent sedative, so be careful not to overdose.

And the good ol' Chamomile, it's a sweet and calming tea. Always recommended!

Glass Owl

I love chamomile tea! It is good for relaxation and digestion too. My favorite is one is Celestial Seasongs Honey Vanilla Chamomile. It tastes great iced and it is caffeine free.

Cypress is also something to look into - it can be used as an essential oil and you can use cypress incense. This page lists a lot of medicinal properties and uses for it.

"Cypress influences, strengthens, and helps with the feeling of loss. It creates a feeling of security and grounding, helping to heal emotional trauma."

I have some cypress incense I love the way it smells. I have noticed that it does make me feel more centered after using it. I have also used the Bach Rescue Remedy and I think that it helped me during times of great stress.

The Star of Bethlehem Bach Flower essence may be one to try too.

"For those in great distress under conditions which for a time produce great unhappiness. The shock of serious news, the loss of someone dear, the fright following an accident, and such like. For those who for a time refuse to be consoled, this remedy brings comfort." - Dr. Edward Bach