Stones used during a tarot reading?

Althea Nokomis

There is one you tube video that I love to watch where a querent taped his reading. The reader uses the Morgan Greer deck, which is where I fell in love with that deck and it is now my favorite, but he also uses several stones along with his spread, which I also love, by the way. It is a 21card Celtic cross. I really would want to find out which stones he is using and what they represent. I researched crystals and stones, but only came up with some that are good for divination like jet, amethyst, aquamarine, azurite, quartz, moonstone, obsidian, opals and tiger's eye. Could someone take a look at the video and see if you can tell what he is using? It is under Tarot Reading part 1 and 2 by Svengali...thanks so much. That man is quite the showman by the way...



I didn't turn on the sound, but the lighting doesn't make it very clear. The black (on top center) could be jet or obsidian. The red (atop other stack) could be a jasper or mahogany obsidian. My screen makes it look mottled.


I only saw one stone on the cards, and to me it looked like a jet crystal or perhaps even an onyx. I didn't see any others.

I do put crystals out on the table that I do my readings on. I have a set of raw amethysts that are put out, as amethyst is calming and meditative, putting me into the right mode for reading. it is also suppose to help with intuition and is known as a protective stone, especially during spiritual work.

I have a jet stone also for protection and an onyx which not only protective but also helps to keep you from feeling drained. A citrine to help me have a successful day while reading, and it also will remove negative energies and increase confidence. Moldavite, that I wear on a chain, to also increase my psychic abiltiies and enhance my tarot readings. It works well with the amethyst and citrine too, so I've read. though, I've found I cannot wear this stone for long, or it gives me terrible head aches.

Also a malachite stone that is really interesting looking. The malachite stone that I have is elongated and flat on one side. at the narrower end, it has a large black dot, that makes this stone look like a fish and the black dot, it's eye. The moment I saw this stone, i had to have it! malachite is also a protective stone and it brings success as well. It also absorbs negative energies.

So, I imagine the stone used in these videos is used as a protective stone during the reading. though, since I'm not sure what the stone is, this is only a guess on my part.

cool videos! thanks for sharing. :)

Althea Nokomis

Stones and tarot reading

Thanks guys for the great info. In the first video he has about 6 or 7 stones off to the side and uses several to place on top of the three piles of 10 cards. I was thinking maybe it is some kind of placeholder for the reader as well.

I use amethyst and clear quartz with my deck and keep them out when I am working with my cards but just love the manipulation he does with all of those stones. He could just be pure showman and that is part of a parlor act but I just love watching him and listening to his reading.

Celticnoodle that "fish" stone sounds awesome! Great find.


Hi in using Crystals with tarot readings..... I tried mixing my RWS deck with my Crystal Divination kit using 12 crystals....

Gold Tigers eye- Protection
Rose quartz-Reconcillation
Clear quartz-Clarification
Blue Lace Agate-harmonization
Snowflake obsidian-Illumination
Pearl Quartz-Purification
Red Jasper-Manifestation

using them with the cards give another level to the reading....
These are just small tumbles......

This worked incredibly.......

have fun.....

Re his use of crystals with the cards seem to be holding down the centre ones only.......maybe they were to be used if windy.........


The blue stone he has sitting off to the side looks a lot like lapis lazuli to me.


All I could focus on was the crappy condition of his cards. I know a lot of people like a deck to look used, but c'mon ... they looked like trash. Ok, ok, I know that sounds harsh, but it made it seem as if they weren't cared for. I couldn't watch more than a couple of minutes of the reading. He bugs me, and his card condition bugs me.

As for stones, all I saw was the black one in the center and I have no clue why he used it. It didn't seem to add anything to the reading at all that I could see.

Yeah, I was underwhelmed.

Althea Nokomis

Stones and tarot readings

OMG...I just rewatched the first part again for the 100th time, maybe it is because the house is completely quiet while kids are sleeping, I don't know, but I heard something I never heard before. He just explained the type of reading he was going to do and asked the querent to think about his life issues while he shuffled...THEN...he took the first dark stone, gave it to the querent, and asked him to look into the stone and concentrate on the same issues. He then placed that stone on top of the first pile of 10 cards the querent chose. He then placed a second rock on the next pile of 10 cards.

Isn't that just like pick up on things you never noticed before?!



All I could focus on was the crappy condition of his cards.

yeah, I noticed that too, but then in the comments after the first part, it was mentioned that there had just been a horrendous down pour and the cards had gotten wet. So, that is the reason why they looked that way.

Althea Nokomis, I didn't notice any other stones save the one dark one (I think black) on top of the center cards. I also didn't notice him having the client hold it or anything! I never saw much of anything being done with that gemstone other then to hold the cards in place. I'll have to go look at it again myself!