Stoopid feather message thing.



Tonight, unexpectedly I was forced to go out.
To the local pub.
Which I hate, cos I don't drink and you can't smoke in it so I shiver outside with an orange juice.

Which is what I was doing.
I was squatting by the back door having a fag with my orange juice.
And I looked down and I saw a feather.
And after a while a thought came into my head.
It said 'Some people would see that feather and think it was some kind of message or sign or something'.
Then I thought 'I always see feathers but none of them are messages or signs about anything'.
And I thought about this for a while, and looked at the feather for a bit longer.
And then I realised it was a sign, and a message, and I knew exactly what that message was and who it was from.

So I picked it up and kept it.

Annoying or what.

I hate it when stuff proves me wrong like that.


And ..... are you going to tell us the message - or just leave us in suspenders?

(Hmmm. Thursday, I went out for staff Chrissy dinner, and wore a SUIT! for gods sake !!!! - about the 4th time in my life - for a joke (unfortunatly they dont know me that well or how absolutly scruffy I am, so no joke for them, they probably just thought I was wierd. I decided to wear my R+C cross on the lapel and opened my magic jewelry / nic-nac box, first time in a year.

Inside were all these significant feathers that I had collected that seemd relevent at the time. I chucked them all out - thought it was a bit pointless.

My feathers go - yours arrive!)


The feather was a hello from someone who died a year ago.

The message was 'remember of me'.

I'll stick it in my lucky bag.
I expect I'll chuck it when I have forgotten what it means.


That's kinda sweet lillie.

I know what you mean about messages, though...
how certain "signs" always mean certain things....
except when they don't.

I have this thing about the messages from the crows. They like to caw at me, when I need to remember something.
So I am always shouting back at them "yeah yeah, I know."

My spouse thinks I am certifiable. and says the crow wasn't cawing at me specifically for any reason.
Yeah right. Except that most is...and I remember something I forgot, or I pay more attention to what's going on so nothing stupid happens.

A friend of mine saw signs and messages in absolutely everything. Everywhere.
It drove us all crazy.'s Friday, and foggy, and a blue car just know what THAT means?
It really became a joke.
Except that occasionally...she was right.


Lillie said:
The feather was a hello from someone who died a year ago.

The message was 'remember of me'.

I'll stick it in my lucky bag.
I expect I'll chuck it when I have forgotten what it means.
I think that's a sign that love is all around us. :)

More and more I find myself presuming there are signs happening all the time. Sometimes I'm in the mood to appreciate them and look for meanings while other times I let them float by me.

Enjoy the feather.


There are a lot of birds here, especially crows and seabirds, that lose their feathers in great masses. Basically they're everywhere. Since I've been feeling sorry for myself this year, I picked them up saying that they were "gifts from the universe."

And aren't they.


double post


I'm glad you got your message, Lillie. Sometimes a feather is just a feather, just like sometimes a word is just a word. But sometimes it's a message, and sometimes the word is love, hope, trust or remember.

When I find feathers in unexpected places (like the back of a pub!), or strange unusual feathers even in expected places (like the beach), I pick them up and thank the spirits. Funny thing is, I almost always find them when I am thinking about something I need to be cheered up about, am doubting or don't know the answer to.

And feathers are like words - they come into our lives at the right time, and we keep them as long as we need them. Then we let them go... like words, they float off in the air - but their work continues.


I think that you are drawn to notice the feathers that are signs, and you don't notice the ones that aren't.

And, to quote my favourite bumper sticker of all time "Denial is not a river in Egypt".


Stooopid feathers

I have boxes full of em.