storing cards


this is the funniest thread i've read yet - but i am so relieved that i'm not the only one with picky cards. i still don't have the fairy oracle, but i am gonna get it because i LOVE fairies and i'm anxious to work with this incredible deck. anyhow - i've always just kept my tarot in black cotton tarot bags. one day i noticed that the deck i use most, was not responding to me. i got this 'feeling' that they wanted a crystal or something. i couldn't believe that my cards wanted to be treated with some sort of 'special'-ness, other than the respect i always give them as an oracle and not a game. i thought i was going kookoo. but it kept on. so i got a crystal and a moonstone to put in the bag with the deck and now they're happy. and i get great readings! amazing. i guess shopping for the fairies will be loads of fun!!!!


TCarbonelle, I think you will find that you are shopping with the fairies, as much as for them! They will lead you by the nose until they find the box or bag they want. I can't explain it, I just know it's so! ;)

Wisp Wings

Happy to know another one is among us! I am sure you will have great fun and love with them. Just give them time and do all the exercises. Then listen to the small voices of them or the tucks and pulls that let you know it is totally of "them".

Welcome to the faes and do share with us!