Storing the faeries


Thought I'd jump right in. It would be wonderful to learn how each of you store your faery oracle, and how that came to be.
I seem to have bossy faeries (don't you love that!) who've told me that my usual way of storing my cards (in original box) just won't be good enough for them, so I had to take them on a shopping trip!
Fair enough, I thought they'd want the usual silk material and wooden box.
Surprisingly, they picked a lovely scarf in a green woodland colour with flowers and vine. It's gorgeous- but 100% polysester!!?! I would much prefer silk, but who's the boss LOL..
We then went to Oxfam, so the money I spent would be put to good use. Once again, to my surprise all of the gorgeous wooden carved boxes were overlooked, in favour of a beautiful rich violet bag, 100% cotton with a little silk, embroidered by Guatemalan people.
Altogether not what I would have expected, not what I myself would have chosen. But the faeries are happy!!


i cant find anywhere for my faeries! i was shopping last weekend and the osho picked a lovely box from india with fabric and such. hard to explain, but its beautiful.

so, the faeries were looking and i was really keen on a wooden box with flowers carved into it, but they really didnt want it. i havent seen anything they like yet!


Storing Faeries

Hello! My Faeries are in a lovely hunter green bag made of 100% cotton with little pictures of fairies on it dressed in pink. The bag has also been reiki channeled and they seem to enjoy it in there.


~chuckles~ well it seems like several of us have picky faeries *LOL*. I had originally put them in a cotton/silk lined very nice tarot bag I had. They were not happy, they wanted to be in the blue velvet bag with the mermaid on it (the one my Cosmic Tribe lived in ... mind you the CT is my most beloved Tarot deck). Their argument was that the mermaid IS a faerie and that the Cosmic Tribe was so wild it would not care where it was! Well I gave in *LOL*. The CT got a new velvet bag with a Goddess on it, purple, and the Faeries live happily in the mermaid bag ... by the way, they were right about the CT ... it did not care!


I keep my wonderful faery oracle in a light draw string bag that my mom made. It has a really pretty ribbon thing that goes around the outside of it as well. I dont really think that the faery liked it much in the beginning because they didnt want to really fit into it. However now they go in easily, I guess the bag stretched. However my deck does feel much smaller than it did in the beginning. My friend and I even had to count it to make sure that all of them were there. So I think they are use to it now and like it. The bag is really pretty.


Isn't it funny how the Faerys get so picky!!!

I had a black velvet bag with different colored sparklies on it and a muted gold tie. I thought that might work because the sparklies reminded me of pixie dust, but they said no! They told me they wanted to stay in the box until I could find the perfect bag for them.

Well we just couldn't find the right bag, so they told me that maybe the black velvet would work until we found the "perfect" one. They'd "make do" for now. :) But when I began looking again, they said no, they've decided they like this one. They told me that once they got in there it was kind of nice. That it fit better than they thought it would. :D ROFL


What is really fuuny is that two years ago you probably couldn't get me to talk about faeries, let alone what I keep them housed in. Now I can't live without my faery oracle and runes.
My faeries are taking me to a fabric shop today to pick out material for a new home. After reading all of your delightful homes for your faeries, I'm excited to see what they'll pick!


Temperance413 said:
After reading all of your delightful homes for your faeries, I'm excited to see what they'll pick!

*ROFLMAO* about being caught talking about faeries ... yeah, you and me both!. Well do not expect them to pick what you think they will, that is all I have to say! ;) ... have a great trip to the fabric store, I am really looking forward to hearing what they chose!


Okay, get this, they were drawn to a really cute, but kinda childish raggedy ann and andy print. It was really pretty with apple trees and a huge tree with hearts carved in the trunk, but, I don't know, maybe i'm suppossed to connect with my inner child and they are suppossed to help me, but this was a little too childish. Another print was done in blue, purple , teal and red leaves edged in gold. Very pretty, but when I went to buy it, I couldn't, I felt like they were telling me to wait. Does any one know where you can buy drawstring bags, that might be easier. They are really picky. All the ones I liked, they were not interested!!


ROFL, Temperance, that is so funny. They truly have a mind of their own. I'm the co-ordinating queen and the fact that my scarf does not match the bag, gripes me everytime I look at it. Don't be surprised if you end up with the child print LOL
Actually, I did a double take when I saw my posting for this subject too. If anyone that knew me read it, they would think I was going bonkers "What!!?!. The faeries told you to do something....."