Storing the faeries


Oh, what a fun thread to read. I love it!!!!!

So far, my faeries are living in their original box. It's the safest place for them so far. The only other option is a white plastic box...not terribly exiciting. LOL! So they are not complaining about their box. But they must be wanting a new home, because I keep thinking about a bag or box for them. They're probably whispering possibilities in my ear and making y'all post about the wonderful homes your faeries are getting so that I'll get on the stick and get them a more proper home.



Most probably you are correct ....


Temperance413 said:
Okay, get this, they were drawn to a really cute, but kinda childish raggedy ann and andy print. It was really pretty with apple trees and a huge tree with hearts carved in the trunk, but, I don't know, maybe i'm suppossed to connect with my inner child and they are suppossed to help me, but this was a little too childish. Another print was done in blue, purple , teal and red leaves edged in gold. Very pretty, but when I went to buy it, I couldn't, I felt like they were telling me to wait. Does any one know where you can buy drawstring bags, that might be easier. They are really picky. All the ones I liked, they were not interested!!

You can go to ... or better yet, let them have their Raggedy Anne/Andy print ... afterall it is them that will live in it *LOL* ... those faeries are so darn picky *LOL*. Good luck!


Thanks Jewel!!


Only been away a coupla days and its all happening!!

My poor loves are still in their box - I don't think they really mind and are happy to wait until the right home comes along.


mine are wrapped up in purple velvet cloth -- tied with a rawhide string. oh, and there is some pine sprigs wrapped up with them.

LOL go figure. unfortunately, i haven't had time or desire to play with them. so they just sit, pretty as a package. :)


I've ordered a pretty bag for them from Tarot Totes. :) I was looking at the Druids section and saw one that struck a nerve. So I clicked on the link...lo, and behold, there was the Faeries' Oracle featured with the very bag I was drawn to.
LOL! So it's on order. We'll see if the faeries are pleased with it.



it's been so neat reading all your stories. mine is also a very interesting one, but it will take a bit of telling; bear with me ;}

this week, my friends for some reason all started trying to put scarves and blankets or anything else they could find underneath my gill deck. i've had this for a year now and use it constantly. no one (not even the deck) has ever asked me about putting a scarf or any such thing underneath it. i took this as a definite sign that i needed to go through my scarves and pick a few out to try out with my gill deck. so, thursday night, i took out a red, brown, and green polyester scarf that we all decided was the best (even more appealing than the silk ones i had brought over) and i tried to do readings with my gill deck on it. she -[hated]- it. she likes being in touch with whatever surface i am reading on. she thought i was being silly. clearly. so, now i was a bit confused at why the universe was so clearly telling me to pick up a scarf for my deck when my deck clearly didn't want one.

it didn't hit me till late last night...

while out at the mall with a friend last night, i walked past a shelf with the faeries oracle on it. implusively, i bought it, along with four faerie postcards (i collect faerie cards of all sort if you'd like to send me a postcard or two!!!) and a postcard that says "i poke badgers with spoons" which is exceptionally funny since two things my friends know me best for is my love of spontaneous badger attacks (while playing d&d) and my slight spoon fetish. the world is so very in love with me right now and i am loving it back :D

so, anyway, to get back to the story... last night, while at my friend's house, looking at the cards, i knew they didn't want to go back into their box. and who could blame them? so i pulled out the scarf mentioned above, and they seem so very happy there, though much happier when i have them out and talking.

but, i won't be posting much else here for a while, i think. i want to talk with them more before i talk about them. they are -[so]- talkative, but i don't yet understand their language and would rather learn from them, at first anyway, than from others.

right now, i'm talking a lot with luathas and himself. and the topsy turvets seem to have a lot they want to say also.

i am so glad i got this deck, and so amazed at their personalities. while my gill deck might be decidedly a she, this one can only be described as a they, a collective.


Well, my Faeries are all tucked away in their pretty new bag. They seem quite contented in there. :)

It's nice and roomy so that I could wrap some silk around them or pop in a crystal or two, if desired.

So lovely.



hey everyone!

im back from my week away!

i found my faeries a home!!!!!!!

i saw a shop, and saw one tarot deck in the window, and knew there was something in there i was supposed to find. so i walk in and look around. nothing.

then i look up and see along the tops of the walls there are little tarot bags hung on the wall!!

so i look around and see it....a beautiful soft dark blue blag with a silver faerie sewn onto it.

and i knew it was right. so i bought it and had a nice little convo with the shop owner guy.

he gave me a funny look when i said my faerie oracle were looking for something, coz my osho zen and rider waite were homed. heh.

but yay that!