story deck


for some reson i allways think in abstracks and allso over think things.

i have a tarot card deck but im just not happy with it because i feel
that for somereson i can not be happy with symbols and i want something
thats clear on the meaning.

so being the over thinker i am i came up with an idea i call "story cards".
ya scary huh?

so pretty much it works like tarot cards but intstead of just being based on symbols it would based on real world things.
like instead of just having a fool for the travel card -thats right isint it?-
you would have a actly travel card-dont ask-.

you would have cards that where in groups and then sub groups.

like there would be a group of say 4 cards called situation cards

there would be traveling, siting, internal, external, or somthing like that
and then youd throw one down, and then work from there.

so say you got a travel card then you would go into the travel sub group cards witch would be like "plane", "car", "walking", and so on.

and then it would branch off from there and so on and so forth
it could allso work the other way to.
and then after a while youd be so far into the grouping and sub grouping
and trying to figure out what the heck you where thinking in the first place and why the guy came up with a crazy idea like that in the first place,
that your house would be so full of cards you couldint swim your way out
and it would be complete Chaos and madness and youd rip a dang hole in the fabric of space and time and that would be it.

so ya anyway

it seems like a good idea
thought i would get some input tho


sorryy not nuts

sorry to say this to you but you arent crazy. It sounds complex but a reader like a friend of mine who "deals out "any and all cards that cant possibly have anything to do with the situation would find a deck with headings and sub headings really useful becuse it would help her get more pecific answers to a problem.