Strange deck feelings and The Unicorn Tarot


Sorry for the two questions in one, but I had to ask. Alright, the first question:

I've got two decks (soon to be three), one is the Dragon Tarot, the other is the Witch's Tarot. I feel more comfortable with the Witch's Tarot, since it is the only deck I've found that I feel neutral towards in regards to the Heirophant (can you tell I have big issues with organized religion and male authority? *smirks*). All the other decks, I can't bear to look at the card, since it provokes such angry feelings in me. Anyways, I've been getting myself attached to both decks, and though I don't feel as comfortable with the Dragon Tarot, I find it gives me more accurate readings. Has anyone else had this happen before?

Second question: I'm about to get the Unicorn Tarot deck. Does anyone have it, and what are your feelings/reactions/experiences with it?



I saw the Unicorn deck in a book shop and managed to have a look at all cards and was pretty disappointed!!! The pictures are the Rider-Waite ones with a unicorn squeezed inbetween!

The artist does not look very skillful to me because the cards look somewhat akward to me. Guess you should not spend your money on such a thing if you have a highly artistical view.



Forgot to tell you my feeling about the Native American deck.

I was so much looking forward to receiving it and when I finally got it I was deeply disappointed! The paintings look so coarse to me and now I do not know whether I keep it or not.


I only have 2 decks right now and both give me fairly accurate readings. The only trouble I have is that according to the books some of the card's meanings differ. I'm working on coming up with meanings I feel comfy with for those cards.

I've seen the Unicorn deck but I don't own it. IMHO it looks sort of silly. I like unicorns but this just seems like the artist didn't really try very hard. I especially don't like the devil card. As far as theme decks go this one is lacking something for me, especially compared to the Celtic Dragon Tarot where the dragons actually look like they have personalities instead of just sitting there being dragons, you know?

But please let us know if you like it when you receive it. One man's trash is another man's treasure, after all. And there are plenty of people out there that use decks that I myself would never buy. It's all about personal taste and what speaks to you.

Rhiannon :)


I don't own the unicorn tarot...nor have i seen it. But you were talking about the Heirophant and I decided to put my 2 cents in. Have you ever seen the Buckland Romani tarot? The Heirophant is a blacksmith shoeing a horse. I must say that some of the cards meanings are a stretch when looking at the pictures. But for some reason I like this card better than the usual...old white dude on a throne. But the Blacksmith is in the card because blacksmiths to be considered magicians of sort...and the gypsies depended on them a great deal...still think it's far fetched, but I must say I like this card for some reason.


I too found the Witch's Tarot very useful and more 'me'. When I got that deck I was still using very traditional ones, with the Heirophant and the Devil. Being Pagan, I found this quite difficult to come to terms with.

I really like the Horned One (Devil) in the Witch's Tarot. But tell me, don't you think the Horned One looks like he's a DJ or something, with his hands up that way? He's saying: "Yeah! Dance! Boogie! Funky! Dance!" to those two naked people.... It's really funny. Not showing disrespect to my Gods but come off it!



i have both the witches tarot and the dragon tarot. frankly, the dragon tarot was a huge disappointment, especially the minors. the majors are kinda nice to look at, but i find it toally useless for readings.

the witches tarot is a bit too "different" for me to use at this time. i can imagine that if i put some time into studying it, and the two books that ellen cannon reed wrote about it, it would probibly work well. but i don't read with it. however, i will say that when i'm meditating on certain cards, or pull a card of the day and find that the traditional interpretations don't really work for me, i will use the witches tarot as a reference; sort of as a different point of view, another opinion. in that way, i find it useful.

i have no experience with the unicorn deck, other than looking at an on-line review once or twice. i remember not thinking too much of it.

overall, i can deal with a deck that has a few cards that don't resonate with me. my main deck, the robin wood, uses a heirophant card that i don't particularly like, but i don't find that it prevents me from using it.

luv and light,


I use the Unicorn Tarot all the time. I don't know - it just feels right in my hands and I can read the story better. I don't think it has anything to do with the Unicorns. What was strange is I didn't look at the deck before I bought it - something just told me to get that one. Now I don't really use the book that came with it for any of my interputations - I use a few others when I get stuck and my own feelings. It's funny - I have read all this stuff about it being a "silly" deck after I have used it for awhile.



Hi!I have been tempted to buy the Unicorn Tarot too.
It looks nice and positive enough on the sites that shows decks,even if it lacks a lot of the symbolism of the Rider-Waite.
If you buy it,please tell us what you thought about it.
Light and Love,Genna.


Nexy Jo: You are the first person that I know of to dislike the Dragon Tarot, but I would have to agree with you on the Minors point you made. I find that in many decks the Minors are played down, and they are now drawn out in picture as in the Robin Wood, but instead are done with just say, 6 swords on the card, for the 6 of Swords. I find it very difficult to read from this deck. Is that what you meant by finding the Minors dissappointing?

I was considering buying the Dragon Tarot, but now I'm not so sure....