strange dream about running after the Sun-card...


I had this strange dream last night where I was running after The Sun (deck: Rider-Waite) trying to catch it. However, it always slipped away from me. Can't remember the rest of the dream, though. Btw, I got a reading the day preceding, maybe the most important one in my life. I now have a lot of struggling energies in me... maybe that has something to do with it...?


Maybe, if you think about what the Sun card represents, then say that that is what you are reaching for, or that is what you are trying to get, but failing to, then you have an answer... or is it more complex than that?


Major Tom

I'm not sure whether this is helpful or flippant. }>

What comes to my mind are two familiar sayings:

1. Find your place in the Sun.
2. Trying to catch the Sun.

I sincerely hope this is helpful.


The sun equals light equals information. You are searching for information. You are looking for the meaning of your life.