strange dream with only the two words: Temperance. Art.


Last night I had this very strange dream. I can no longer remember what the content of the dream was, only the end.
A person (maybe me, maybe someone else) said only the two words:

Temperance. Art.

...calmly, without any kind of "feeling" to it.
As you know, Temperance is the XIV card in the typical Rider-Waite decks while Art is the XIV card in the deck of Thoth. Same card, same meaning... or not? I can't remember anything else at all to it.

Maybe my subconscious is trying to encourage me to meditate, withdraw for some time or... I don't know.
Other thought are welcomed! :)

Be blessed.


Hi there,
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"Temperance" & "Art" are different titles or names assigned to the same card.
2 sides of the same coin.
An examination of those cards from their respective decks perhaps would be in order. Also, reflecting on what they represent to you.
"Temperance" refers to moderation; balance; self-control. Is there an area of your life where you feel a lack of balance or control?