Strange Noises across the globe.

Briar Rose


has anyone experienced any strange noises from outside? Do you think these are spiritual events, or from humans messing with the atmosphere that is; HAARP?

I heard them over the weekend (I think on Saturday morning) and it sounded like a rumble like when you have thunder. I could feel the vibrations of it throughout my house, and my body. My pets were silent. While during a thunder storm they would be afraid. But they were not afraid. And that was the odd thing. And this is winter. It was freezing cold (o degrees) with NO warm weather coming through.


Wow, this is really freaky! I haven't heard anything in my side of the world but I've been getting the vibes. I've had this strong strange feeling that something big is going to happen this year. Something very BIG. I posted my thoughts on the other thread too- '2012 Finally'.

The noises somehow sound pretty serene, and somehow familiar, if that makes sense.


About 15 years ago we used to hear a noise that we called the 'rumbles', because that was what it was like, a deep vibration, that was more of a feeling than a sound.

There were various explanations for this, from blasting at a nearby quarry (what quarry? I didn't know one that was blasting), supersonic jets, ocean tides (we were near the sea), and other stuff.

I started keeping a diary of them. It turned out they happened at either half 4 ish, or 6 ish in the afternoon/evening, (If I remember right) and Fridays were particularly popular.

As they clearly fitted in with clock time, it counted out the tides, and made me think they were man made.
I never found an explanation, and don't hear them were we live now, even though it's only a few miles away.

Pendine isn't far away, so it might have been something to do with that.

The other thing I heard was this strange buzzing in the middle of nowhere along an old railway line. Been there before and since, but never heard it. It was like a constant buzz, like electrical or something.

I used to read the Fortean Times, and they reported on this buzz a few times, it seems it's been heard in various places, most particularly out in the countryside. But that may just be because if it were heard in a town it would be ignored as some common and explainable phenomenon, such as street lamps, or electrical wires.
The Fortean called it the 'Hummadruz' or something like that, as it is a humming, droning, buzzing sort of sound.

Dusk Till Dawn

When I lived in the States, we used to hear hat only during night time too.
I do wonder though, that Cern Technology mashine is still running, and no one talks about it anymore, and this worries me a lot to be honest.Maybe something is really wrong?? i mean it is strange, I watched quite a few videos today, and it worries me.


I believe it is possibly HAARP. There has also been some question as to whether they are responsible for the earthquakes in chch nz, there is a base in the south island,(to name one of the earthquakes, one that I have a vested interest in because I am from there and have family there) I don't have all the facts and would not want to say it is HAARP for sure, but the coincidence is to big to count it out.


Between my hearing loss and super loud tinnitus, I don't stand much of a chance of hearing 'mysterious' sounds. Interesting thread, though.

The crowned one

Haarp, makes no sound to your ear. Look at the frequency. Your ear would need to be bigger then your body, MUCH bigger to be heard. I can and do hear 60Hz all the time. Bloody high voltage lines.

The results of its use could be heard I think. But not it in use.