Strange thing with my deck


Last night I had my Faeries Oracle out just playing around and looking at the cards. When I went to put them away, I got a strange impulse to put them in a little bag and carry them with me to school today. I knew I wouldn't have time to do anything with them, it was almost like they wanted to tag along and see my life outside the house. So they went with me. I haven't had the deck long and am still getting to know them, could this be reciprocation on their part?



That's exactly what they do--"suggest" something and you find yourself doing it.

You're on the faerie wavelength!


That is so very cool!

I had no idea...

Need to do some more reading here!


Mine LUV tagging along with me ALL the time, & I must gently say "No" at times, depending on circumstances. I spoiled mine Rotten when they first arrived, & sometimes pay dearly 'cuz mine HATE the word "no"!!! (However, it's all in mainly humerous ways, & just their 'nature')
By all means, take them with you when & if you can...this can also
be a great "Bonding" experience for you & them, (IMHO.)


Although I have never made it a habit to carry my Fae around, I can appreciate their presistent demands! ;) And I was thinking, bringing them around with you everywhere not only allows you more time to bond together, just like smokey says, but also to play more.

I kinda have this picture of using the cards for an impromptu dialogue. Maybe you witness something while you're out (someone spills a cup of coffee at the table next to you, say) and you could pull out your cards and say, "Ok, who was behind that?"

Or other questions like "What did you Fae think of that?" or "What's gonna happen for those two over there next?" for other situations you might encounter. It would be like guerilla Faery training, you could talk to them about anything you see while you're out (not just for "reading" and spreads).


I love to have these conversations with my cards, either faerie or tarot. It so opens my communication lines with card messages.


Mrowcat my faeries have tagged along with me for over two years. The only time I leave them at home is if they are in danger of getting wet, or if there is a remote possiblity they might get lost. If I will be near my bag or purse I take them with me everywhere. Currently the demand to go to job interviews with me, with one of them as my guide. Lets hope the singer of healing coming to my interview yesterday means I am soon to be employed *LOL*. I love having them with me, and after all this time I cannot imagine not taking them with me when I can.

diane drizzy

They love this season for one thing! And since you were able to pick up on their vibes, there'll be no turning back. Have a great time! :D