Stuck....Green Woman and Singer of Transfiguration


I laid out all my cards on the floor. No particular order. I did this to find my universal card. At the end I had to cards that could not fit in with the rest of the neat even lines.

I felt these 2 cards wanted to talk to me! but after I chose the Universal..

So The last 2 are

Green Woman and The Singer of Transfiguration and I am at a loss. I am trying not to think to hard. Really.

The Green woman is sticking her tongue out. But there is a graveness to what she is trying to get across. Something serious.

Singer of transfiguration
Also an edge to things. Something changing. Transpiring. Dare I say...Transfiguring?

I dont know.


I believe that the Green Woman is trying to say: Don't take it all too seriously. Try to have fun in what you do, to make even hard things a lot easier. Do not forget to have fun.
She is also the Faery of mischievious things. She likes to make things drop and to make weird things happen to remind you to keep laughing and to not take things seriously. It has happened to me before...

Good luck!


Singer of Transfiguration

This Singer came up and explained to me his role in my Fae universe by using my spinning as an example.

Alchemy is precious to Fae. Singing is alchemical, as so is spinning. In spinning, the nature of the fiber changes completely in the cleaning draftng and spinning of it, although it essentially remains the same, it's essence never changed. It was transfigured.

I don't know if these clues will help you puzzle out what They want to say. My experience has been that They will have Their own unique message for you, that may or may not be like others have experienced with Them.

What I found most telling abouit what you said regarding The Green Woman was her underlying seriousness. If there is one predominant message I've received again and again from this deck it is to "look deeper," and continue examining those things that don't immediately make sense.

But instead of chasing the wisdom, trying playing and forgetting about it. The most brilliant epiphanies come outta no where when we are relaxed, I think.