Stuffed and loved!


A conversation in Chat inspired me to open up a thread about all our much beloved stuffed Animals, that we have and keep since childhood and their inner meaning and "job" as a confidant and guide.


I was born on the Winter Solstice 1955.
I cam out bum first. = breach
I almost did not make it and was blue and black from a bungled attempt with forceps.
But I had a tenacious and nasty scream so share with the world.
All this proved to my Ada = my father, that I would follow in the footsteps of our shaman Ancestors from his side of the tribe and so the very first thing he did is go and get a little Ee’ren Adik for me, for protection.
In 1955 that was not easy, but when he finallllly showed up at the hospital, he had all he needed: A bottle of vodka –as a gift for the Sky Spirits, a thermos of black tea for the Land Spirits and a jug of milk for the Milk Lake Mother, Keeper of our Ancestors , who had hand selected MY!! Spirit to be reborn into the family again!! :)
The little Ee’ren Adik, that he then subsequently deftly “graced” = infused with the prescribed assortment of fluids was not quite, what he had had in mind, but it would do for now.
It was a little Steiff Bear with soft brown fur loving eyes and fully jointed.
See, Ee’ren Adik is the “One who Sucks his Toes, while sleeping and dreaming of Healing Powers.
The One who protects the Eastern Door against Albis = nasty disease spirits that lurk in the yet unknown future.
The One and only Sky Spirit, who agree to come down to the Middle World to protect the People from Albis and Bogs and Bellegee’rs and the Schulbus and….
Do not ask; they are all NASTYS!!
My mother did not think much of the once cute and clean, now soaked and smelly bear, Ada put under my blanket. But she drank the rest of the milk and ate some of the honey Ada had brought for her, while Ada shared the rest of the vodka – and then some…. with his friends.
I have been told by Maeuzi, that the nurse kind of washed the little Bear and put it onto the radiator to dry. Then I was allowed to have it back.
It was NOT called Ee’ren Adik but Maeuzi called it “Petzy” after Meister Petz, the Gypsy Guardian of the Forest.
I was also told – by Ada, that ifffff they had NOT washed and rinsed off the offerings form that poor bedraggled Bear, I would have had more Shaman Power.
For the next years Petzy went EVERYWHERE I went.
Petzy was much loooooooved!!
Petzy lost his fur, but never mind!!
Petzy also got company…. But that is for another post……


:) Petsy sounds like a loving and perfect teddy bear, Mi-Shell. I hope you can soon post a picture of him.

I'll be getting the stuffed loved ones we have here at the farmhouse for a family picture. Then, when I get up to the other house this weekend, I'll gather all of those who now live there for another family picture. In about 5 or6 years give or take, we'll all be together again under one roof. :)


I have a stuffed spider called Boris. I first made his acquaintance when I was around 12. The factory where Mom worked organised a trip to London so Mom, Dad and me all went. Boris was bought from the market at Pettycoat Lane for 50p - and he's turning 40 this year and doesn't look his age. :)

The reason why I love Boris so much is because no one else seems to even like him and yet through my teenage years he was my confidante and my bedroom guardian because when he was out, Mom wouldn't even go into my bedroom. I never realised that so many people have a fear of spiders.

Even my hubby and son don't like him. Hubby says it's because he's too realistic? Brown fur, eyes and large black pipe cleaner legs makes him too realistic? I admit when he's up on his legs you can make him wobble like he's about to pounce lol

I'll try and get a pic up of him later. :)


This is Boris :)


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I have my teddy - old style - Izzy - in the Fairisle sweater my granny knitted for him as his stomach is rather bald. I wasn't his first owner. I never confided secrets but I wouldn't be without him. He sits in my library - where my computer lives.

I also have much loved new additions to the fold. A big black cat called Chutney, who sits on the piano, along with Lillie's stuffed frogs, who live with me now.


I love this thread! It is wonderful to hear of everyone's beloved companions! I am an animist and believe everything has a soul, feelings, a personality. My parents noticed this when I preferred stuffed animals over dolls throughout my childhood, gave them names, chatted constantly with them, gave them clothes, homes, presents, etc. Some have come and gone through so much loving that the stuffing truly did come out, so were given funerals worthy of royalty.

But I have a new beloved team with me now! Bunny is my most dear. He is my kindred soul. We got him just before we put my second cat to sleep, knowing it was going to happen. I needed comfort and there he was, just sitting on the shelf at a local bookstore, waiting to jump into my arms! Now he has a shop and kitchen on one side of our dining room, inspired by Tasha Tudor's dollhouse, which gets changed up seasonally. Tenni, a polar bear, is his best friend, next to me! Tatqiqi and Kaluki are relatives of Tenni, and the gang keeps growing as Tatqiqi teaches school to them and always looking for new students! Honey (the brown one in front of Santa) is the Brave One. He came with me to the hospital when I had surgery. He is also the one I hug tightly when very ill. This November, for my birthday, my husband gifted me with another larger polar bear who I named Qannik....Inuit for snowflake. She is the all-mother, the wise one, quiet, reflective, watching over all of us, our protector.

I am fortunate to have a husband and extended family that accepts me as I am and feeds my love and lifestyle! My MIL just moved and gave me some things for "Bunny's store". People who come over often ask about them. The Tudor family and I are always sharing ideas and photos. Here is a picture of the gang at Yule, after opening their gifts and celebrating!


This is Boris :)
I had to laugh at your post about everyone's feelings towards Boris. I admit, I am also terribly fearful of spiders, ESPECIALLY the big dark black ones that jump!!! Though, thankfully, between the last professional bug sprayer I had out here (I think in July 2016) and with my "natural" spraying remedies that I have done before the first snow...we've been fortunate in not seeing any of those large jumping spiders or any spiders really or any other bugs! :thumbsup:

I'd like to say Boris is cute, but Emily...I just don't LIKE spiders! I will say he has the perfect name though and Boris certainly doesn't look a day over 5 years old!

Hearthcricket, wow! that is some collection!!!


An ex boyfriend wanted to stick a smilie mouth on Boris at one stage but I wouldn't let him. lol

Laura Borealis

What a nice topic :)

I love seeing and hearing about all your stuffed friends. Boris is cute! Not a scary spider at all. Great name by the way - I caught the Who reference. :D

My earliest beloved stuffed friend was a small green cat. For some reason, he was named Snowball even though he was green. I don't know where he came from, but I must have gotten him when I was very small myself. I don't even remember what he looked like with fur on... he is mostly naked and rather misshapen in my earliest memories. I don't have Snowball anymore, because my little brother fell hard for him and I let him go. As far as I know, my little brother still has him (and still loves him).

I do remember when and where Foxy came from. I was eight when I saw him in a toy store, and I immediately started saving my allowance and chore money. I was obsessed for months (he was rather expensive) and was always asking to visit him at the toy store. Then I got him for my birthday :party: Since I was older when I got him, he escaped the worst ravages of childhood love, but he was definitely loved, carried around, and slept with for many years. He's the one animal from my childhood that regularly appears in my dreams.

I never fell for a bear of any description, though I had a few. The closest would be a Pooh made of corduroy that my mom made me. (Wish I still had Pooh!) But just the other day I started thinking I need a bear. Not a teddy, but something more like this. I don't know why, it just came to me, I need a bear and his name needs to be Fardels (for the bear in Hamlet). I'm sure the right bear will turn up sooner or later.


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