Submission Guidelines for 2 of the 'Big Three'


Extremely useful information !! Thank you so much.

The second link (usgames) didnt work for me at the time i tried it. Not a big deal though, i will dig around the site myself. Thanks again for the link info.



Interesting links. I wonder if this only applies to deck creators from the US?


Not sure, you'd have to email them or contact them by mail for that. US Games might have updated their site (again) on the artist page, but you can find it somewhere on their main board if this is the case.


I think I read somewhere that Lo Scarabeo does not take submissions (their decks are all in house)


Re: Submission Guidelines for the other 2

HudsonGray said:
I couldn't find Lo Scarabeo's guidelines, but here are links to the tarot deck submissions pages of the other big boys:

Lo Scarabeo doesn't : have any guidelines. They just require a few samples

AGM AGMüller: doesn't have any guidelines.
go to services on the website.
* Have you created a Tarot deck (instruction booklet included)?
* Would you like to have it produced and distributed professionally?

If so, just send us your work of art (minimum ten pictures of both the Major and the Minor Arcana) either:

* on a CD in a current format (jpg or tif) or as hard copy (paper) to "Contacts"

* via e-mail in a current format (jpg or tif) to
* name the website where your work of art can be viewed.