I made friends with a Dervish a while ago. He is a wonderful, truly beautiful and inspiring man. When he speaks of his spiritual beliefs, he believes something else is speaking through him, and although my beliefs are completely at odds with what he has to say - to listen to him speaking moves me to tears.

I've taken some whirling workshops with him, and they were brilliant experiences, although pretty intense. I really enjoyed them, and I'd love to do more in the future.

Sufism cannot be separated from Islam, in my opinion, not from what I've experienced of it. When you whirl, you are trying to be a channel for Allah; to open yourself up to receiving Allah's love and then giving all of it away to other people and to the Earth, you keep nothing for yourself.

It is a really beautiful path.
Sounds lovely Anna. What kind of workshops were these? Were they about Sufi teachings? Sounds pretty interesting. :) You are right about Sufism being a part of Islam. That's exactly what the author states in the book I am reading. They cannot be separated. What I find really amazing that all these teachings whether Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Shamanism and all the other spiritual teachings convey the same message. There's something that connects all these teachings. Same end but only the paths are different.


......You are right about Sufism being a part of Islam. That's exactly what the author states in the book I am reading. They cannot be separated.....
Are you sure about that? (Just kidding :)).


Are you sure about that? (Just kidding :)).
Yep. :D Even I had my doubts at first, but it sort of makes sense. To understand Sufism, you need to know what exactly Islam is all about. It goes the same for Hinduism or Buddhism. You need to know what the religion is about and why certain rituals are so important. There were so many words in the book that went way above my head since I'm not a muslim and don't understand any of the rituals the way muslims do. But if you ask me about Hinduism, I can explain almost every ritual and why the importance. ;) Somehow it's all inter-connected. But keeping religion aside as I'm not much of a follower, what really interests me are the spiritual teachings as nowadays religion is highly manipulative and acted on to suit one's needs. Sad but true.

Also, you don't really have to go deep into the religion to learn about it's spiritual teachings. Just an essence of what the religion is about helps understand it better somehow.


I have a client, that follows the path of "Sufism Reoriented" the teachings of Maher Baba.
They are quite removed from Islamic roots.
They emphasize communal living.
My client loves these aspects but struggles with the "sexual abstinence (chastity) outside of mariage.......


You're in for a real treat!
You bet. :D I've been reading a lot of Sufi books and feel as if I am seeing things in a new and different way. Soooo loving this whole new path. :heart: