Suggestion for the decks-list


Sorry I post this here... don't really know where to post it otherwise :)

Does anybody else think that it would be nice that the decklist would also include translatd versions? I know that several decks have text in several languages (especially those that are produced in Europe) and that the Rider-Waite is probably available in every written language on this planet. But what about the other languages?
Wouldn't it be nice for non-English speakers to know that nice looking decks are also available in their language?
If this would be workable, I can already offer two decks that are translated into Dutch: Animal Wise ("Totemdier Tarot" Ed. Altamira-Brecht) and Daughters of the Moon ("Dochters van de Maan")

Are tarot decks also translated into other languages?


I believe there is a spanish Robin Wood deck ?


The main difficulty is finding out which decks are available in which languages. But that's a good suggestion... I'll look at including it on the site in future. Thanks.

~ Solandia