summer solstice


Just an additional one...

I just was reading through this spread and thought I would stick my two cents in I hope that is ok.

Not sure how to lay it out but I guess you could go in a circle with the first card in the centre like the original person put but my spread has seven cards so maybe the below would work..

** 4******1*******3**
***5************* 6**

Anyway the cards go like this:

1. Illumination - The centre of your query (The reason you are asking)
2. The Rising Of The Sun - Your current emotional state/mind frame
3. The Northern Solstice - The actions that lead you to card 2
4. The Midsummer Card - Your energy and focus in the past
5. The Longest Day - Your energy and focus now
6. The Southern Solstice - The actions that will help you
7. The Setting Of The Sun - The Outcome

I see card 2 as the place the person is starting the journey in (the journey being to overcome an issue or to get illumination on a situation), so therefore it is the sunrise, the start of the reading really. Card 3 is the past, it is what lead you to where you are now in terms of actions and what you did. Card 4 is where your focus was and what that lead you to do the things that you did, so I guess the reasons you did the things you did. Card 5 is where you energy is at now, or you could even explore in that, where it should be now, and Card 6 obviously is the actions that you need to take in order to shift your focus or once you do shift your focus, and Card 7 is where the journey ends, its the sunset on the journey and it is where you will end up as the reader sees it at this point.

Anyway, very cool original spread :) I like it



Really like this spread.. even though summer solstice for the Northern hemisphere is like 3 months away.... I would so love to do this :)


Cosmic Being

Thank you I would be happy to hear how it goes for you if you do :)