Supercharge your daily draws with Kabbalah! (without knowing any)


Whenever Kabbalah is mentioned in the general forums, I get the feeling that people think:

A. It is a useless, theoretical construct that has no bearing on real life;
B. It is a load of strange words used by closrapexa to make him sound smart.

While I agree with B, I heartily disagree with A. The following technique of analyzing daily draws is both easy and fun, and needs no knowledge of Kabbalah for it to work, since it works even with none. In addition, it also helps make daily draws more specific and contextual, meaning you can see your day with greater clarity. It brings the Tree of Life to, well, life, and I find it really fun, too. OK, let's get started.

Firstly, a short explanation on the Tree of Life. It is a diagram on which different people mapped out the cards of the Tarot, in two different ways, the Minors and the Majors. Here's a diagram, we will put it to good use:
(Sorry about the size of the file, but it was the clearest I could find)

As you can see, the circles are numbered 1–10 (doesn't matter what they're called) and represent the Minors, while the lines in between them have pictures of the Majors. There is one whole Tree for every suit. "But wait!" you may cry out, "there are four suits, and I see only ten circles, and only 22 Majors!" That's true, the Tree of Life is duplicated four times for four suits, but the Majors aren't duplicated, and I'll show you how to duplicate them yourselves. Imagine that the Majors belonged to the suits, and that there were four of each, such as The Fool of Wands, The Fool of Cups, The Fool of Swords and The Fool of Pentacles. Looking at the diagram above, we can see that between each Minor-circle is a Major-line, so we can theorize that the Tree's main purpose is to show the cause and effect of each Major and each Minor, as they connect. The Fool "causes" the Twos, who "effect" the Hierophant, who "causes" the Fours, and so on.

I hope y'all stuck around after that long, but necessary, preamble, because we're about to get to the fun stuff.

Often in my daily draws I get cards that may be interesting, but ultimately mean little. Today for example, I got the Four of Pentacles. It's a good enough card as they go, but didn't really tell me much about my day. Would I make money? Would I succeed in something? If so, at what? Why? So we come to my technique of daily draws using only Majors, that tells us both the major theme prevalent in the day, but also how it will manifest by means of the Minors.

So, let's shuffle our decks and draw a Major. If you don't get a Major the first time, which will probably be the case, just put the card back and keep drawing until you do. Once you do get a Major put it aside. That Major is our daily draw. Now we want to know in what area of life it will show itself. Shuffle again if you like, and this time draw a Minor. Now, what we are looking for here is only the suit!!. The card itself doesn't matter, but the suit will tell us how our daily draw will show itself. For example, if you draw any Cups, it means that your minor will show itself in Cups-ish situations.

After doing that, we can refer to the diagram of the Tree of Life above, and find the Major we drew previously. Having done that, we will then proceed to look through the deck and find the numbers of the equivalent cards that appear in the circles at both ends of the Major. If that seems confusing, don't worry, I'll give an example at the end. What it basically means is that each Major is in between two Minors, and we can find them according to their numbers, and the suit we drew.

Now, the card with the lower number is the cause of our Major, the Major is the daily draw showing our day, while the card with the higher number is our effect, what our Major will do.

Here's an example, the best thing is to draw the relevant cards with me, it will make understanding my point easier. Now, a few days ago as my daily I got the Tower. Shuffling again, I drew a Swords card, so I knew the Tower would show itself in the mental area. Remember that the actual number or picture is unimportant, we are only looking at the suit. Looking at the diagram, we see that the Tower is between 7 and 8, so I drew the Seven and Eight of Swords from the deck, and put the Seven on the right, then the Tower in the middle and then the Eight on the left (this is how they appear on the Tree).

So, because of reasons, the Seven of Swords is a scatterbrained card to me, the mind is unable to focus and do anything coherent. In the event, I was very tired that day, and my head was spinning because of many things I had to do, which was made worse because I couldn't focus enough to do them, because I wasn't doing them... everyone knows that vicious circle. In that circumstance, the Tower was almost inevitable, and due to carelessness I messed up something at work, and was severely taken down because of it. The weak foundations everyone knows the Tower warns against, is actually the Sevens, and that day the foundations were very weak. After the Tower, the Eight of Swords was the aftermath, a foul mood, hating my job, wishing I were far away... well you get the picture. The next day, though, things worked out, so that's fine.

The purpose of a daily draw is of course to be ready for things, get a handle on what will happen, but that's up to you. Still, using this method, you can get great results, and map out the influences that will affect your day, what will contribute to it, and what will be the result, should whatever happens happen. It is a great tool for observation, and for bringing Kabbalah closer to home in a simple, easy and enjoyable way.

I hope you enjoyed my little song and dance, and I hope I succeeded in showing you how the Tree of Life could be used in small, mundane ways and how it was a great tool for clarity. Try it out and post your results below!



I'm going to give this a whirl!

I have really wanted to study the Kabbalah, but I could not due to health problems. (I spend more time in slippers than in shoes.) It's terribly hard for me to focus on what I am reading.

With your daily draw method, I can tangibly work with the Kabbalah! Hurray!

I'm going to have to figure out a new way to shuffle though. Usually a card jumps out while I shuffle, and I take that one as my daily card.

Should I shuffle and cut the deck once, and keep doing that till I get a Major?
Do you have any suggestions, or a better way of shuffling?

I always enjoy my daily draws...and this adds real depth! Whole new angles to look at and to think about.

Thank you so much for opening a new door for me.



Should I shuffle and cut the deck once, and keep doing that till I get a Major?
Do you have any suggestions, or a better way of shuffling?

However is comfortable, really. There are more Minors than Majors, so I usually draw several Minors out anyway before I get a Major, but I don't sweat that.


Thank you for this post. I tried it out and noticed that the tree does indeed add clarity to the daily draw. I drew The Lovers Rx. and Swords ...

I have always been sceptical about learning Kabbalah because of its complexity .. but this is definitely a great way to get your feet wet with regards to how the tree of life works.

Thanks again. (P.S. the colored BOTA chart is great as well).


Thank you for you input on the whole forum closrapexa, you give so much much time and energy to your responses. I am just beginning my study of the Thoth, and am having a blast.

One thing that helped me get past the can't-possibly-take-it-all-in is the cabala seems closely linked with what I already know about the runes. May be sacrilege...don't care, it got me past the yadayada



Hi Closrapexa! And, thank you. I've been wanting to learn the Kabbalah but it seems a little confusing. This helps explain it better for me. I'm going to use the print-out and read your information while giving it a try to start to learn.

Luv & Peace,


Very very interesting. I tried it today and I really liked the results and the way it added to the daily draw. I've also been curious about Kabbalah, but I most definitely did not want to delve into all the weird names. I have enough on my plate studying tarot.

I wanted to ask about the court cards. I've seen the tree of life associated with tarot cards before, but the diagrams I've seen around include the court cards and the one you linked here doesn't. Does that means you never include the court cards in your daily draw or do you do something else I didn't understand?


I too am wondering about the court cards .. since they fall on nodes 2,3,6, and 10 .. how would one devise such a method on when to include them or not include them .. seems to make sense in using them only for the suit draws. But if you do decide to include the court cards then you would have 4 and 5 card draws along with 3 card draws.


Court cards are another ballgame, and for the purposes of this specific technique, I treat them as I would any other Minor. I have posted an essay on the rudiments of Kabbalah

and next week I'll do another installment on the Courts. By then, I hope to have another technique prepared that will allow usage of them to their fullest potential, since they do have a lot of it.


Really Great

This is so great. I'm really excited to try this method. The Kabbalah adds such depth of meaning, and this seems like a very gentle way of digging deeper into the cards. Thanks for taking the time to share it and explain the method. Awesome.