I am beginning to get into spells and tarot basically Wiccan in general along with my other religous beliefs..Can you suggest some sites for me to look through...When it comes to spells can you give me some ideas on basic supplies I would need..Nothing complicated...I am fine with simple spells..Specially calming ones..My house is so tense I need to do something...
My sister has endomitryosis...It has been affecting her really bad lately..Pain killers are not working, herb heating pack barely touches it..She is resorting to very heavy painkillers and sleeping aids it is so bad..(vicaden +a sleeping pill at night) I dont think this is very healthy for her and it doesnt work..Can you suggest a stone or something that might help..Also one more thinng..My mom has been going through menopause for the past 5 years..She does not take vitamins (I keep telling her to) or hormones..She does not believe in tarot wiccan etc...Is there a stone out there that could help? Maybe I could put it under her mattress or tape it under her favorite seat(which is usually in front of the computer) without her knowing about it? She is driving me INSANE not to mention it makes the house very very tense...Please HELP me..Thanks


i find rose quartz very soothing. obsidian is good for soaking up negativity. i love the pyschic protection qualities of amethyst. regular quartz is okay, too. just remember to rotate the stones to sunlight every few days to recharge the "batteries".

ppl that are opposed to vitamins or herbs are sometimes more open to aromatherapy. my personal favorite is lavendar--pure oil mixed w/ some kind of oil like coconut. definitely not canola. ;) i have a chronic pain disorder and just a touch every day after a bath helped me after a few weeks. it's not a fast remedy but it did help me feel better after awhile. i think the key is that aromatherapy works on healing breaches in the aura.

if your mother is opposed to taking hormones, it's been shown that women in cultures who eat more food with soy like tofu do better. i think the reason has something to do w/ soy having natural estrogen. anybody else heard anything like this? i believe there is something over the counter for menopausal women that takes this research about soy into consideration.

i highly recommend books by dr. christianne northrup for both your mother and sister. she did one on women's health a few years back and now has a new one out on menopause. dr. northrup is a gynecologist and is very pro going natural as possible w/ gynecological problems. one thing she suggested for menstrual problems was evening primrose. i saw dr. northrup do a workshop on pbs on menopause about a year ago. i was really impressed by her intelligence and her humor.

btw, one of the problems w/ endometriosis is pelvic inflammatory disease that causes pelvic adhesions. pelvic adhesions is part and parcel of the pain of PID. when i worked as a medical social worker i helped a few women w/ PID get laproscopic surgery to release some of the pelvic adhesions to decrease the pain. is there any chance something like this would help your sister? a life a pain meds and drugs to sleep is not much of a life. she's prob very depressed about all this. i know i would be.

you are a good sister to want to help your sister and mother. be sure to take care of yourself, too b/c trying to help others who have medical probs can be very draining physically and emotionally.


Thanks Truthsayer

Thank you very much for ALL the information...I will mention those things to my mom and sister....Thanks


If your looking for wiccan supplies is a good place to start and is a great search engine just type in witchcraft supplies or wiccan. Do you think your mom would be open to mediation I know that help my mom alot she did not want to take anything either. Good luck.


Redwood, 4 years ago I was diagnosed with endomitryosis. The pain I was in at the time was unbearable. I had the surgery done that Truthsayer mentions in her reply. After a few days recovery time I was in no more pain. Your sister should talk to a doctor about her options.

There are some good books by Scott Cunningham on wicca, spells, stones and gems. I have a number of his books and have learned a lot from them.



About your sister, I highly suggest she go see a doctor first and foremost. Afther that, what about Reiki?? It is a Japanese method of channeling healing energies. I am sure there are plenty of Reiki practitioners there in Michigan.


She has seen a doctor...Now she doesnt have health insurence..I dont know about the surgery..I am going to ask her when she is done being pissed off at me LOL