Sure, pretty much out of the tarot closet...


The only reason I don't talk about it too much right now with my friends and family is that I don't feel I am very good yet. So I don't want people to say, "Oh, can you read me?" And then I'll be like, Um, err, well....

So, basically I am pretty open about my tarot cards and talk freely about past lives, psychic energies, healing herbs and stuff -- some of my friends think it's cool, some just figure it's more of my quirky new age interests. I don't really have the relevant conversations with anyone in my family (except my most lovely sister who is also on this board :) ). Not because I'm hiding anything, but rather because it just doesn't come up. My brother knows and thinks I'm weird, my parents don't know, but they probably wouldn't care about it too much.

Letting them know that I am Wiccan is a whole 'nuther thing though. That I am totally in the closet about, except with my sis and my husband, who are both cool with it.

Neat question! It's interesting to read everyone's responses.


What a nice nick: lunar-rabbit!!!
Well, my parents know I'm tarotical too :)
but I know I CAN'T tell them I'm a Wiccan,
I only try to tell them, these days, I'm no christian no longer,
but they just play dumb, and smile to me politely.
Sort of "good little idiot, what are you talking about" attitude :)