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I've just amused myself by going through hundreds (and I do mean hundreds - yes, I know, I have no life - or rather I have a BIG WISH life) of tarot/non-tarot decks at amazon.com. It's just mind-boggling the amount of stuff that is out there! Some of the decks I saw but have never heard anything on them are: the gaiastar codex, symbolon, casting lots, feng shui tarot, cafe nation, the code of the goddess, wisdom of the maya, egyptian scarab oracle, the faces of womanspirit, angel blessings, astro star cards, jewels of the lotus, tarot of the sephiroth, I-Ching holitzka deck, kabbalah cards. PHEW! Some of these I believe you have displayed in this website, but others I've never heard of. If anyone has one of these decks, would you care to comment on them. Thanks!


Don't have any of the above named decks, but I have looked at reveiws of some online. And don't feel too bad deso, I've spent hours browsing the above named store also! There's nothing wrong with a wish list! :) . Actually , what I wish is that amazon would sell rare , unusual, and international decks new , also. I think I used to have a life before I discovered the internet?! I think?


purplelady, you're so right. I got rid of cable because I felt I was watching too much tv. So what do I do now? I sit in front of the computer screen. (shrug) I know I used to have a life at sometime. :)


OK, I admit it, I have the Egyptian Scarab Oracle. I got it a couple of weeks ago. It just seemed too unique to resist! I haven't had time to look too closely at them yet. They have an odd rubbery smell and a somewhat cheap feel to them but I don't see why they shouldn't work. The book looks well researched. I have a couple of other books on Egyptian heirogylphics that I would like to compare them with when I get the time. It comes with a silk-like pouch to put the scarabs in. The pouch isn't real expensive but I have seen worse. Overall, I think it will be fun to have.


LOL -- I soooooo enjoyed reading your replies. ( I'd put the happy face in here but I don't know how.) I'm so glad I'm not the only one who obsesses over divination systems. I agree with you, Purplelady, I wish they had more of the rare type tarot. And thank you for your info on the Egyptian Scarab Oracle, Raeanne.
Recently, I purchased "Wisdom of the Four Winds" - interesting. The cards, illustrated by Cecilie Okada and text written by Barry Brailsford, represent wisdom of the ancestors from the 4 corners of the world: Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. This wisdom has been secured and protected in New Zealand. The cards themselves are quite lovely and show images of nature. Some have birds, others lizards, others mountains, or lanscapes, storms, etc.... I'm still not very familiar with them....... but they seem promising.
The only frustration I have is with the book - I don't resonate to his style of writing. His imagery doesn't call to me. But that's okay - it's my challenge, rather than my problem, tee hee.


I think I mentioned somewhere else that I have an I Ching deck. It's in a very delicate woodcut style and looks hand-painted, like Hiroshige or Hokusai. Very beautiful.


I too have the I-Ching cards! They are so very beautiful, aren't they? I love the I-Ching as an oracle. I'll often toss coins to obtain the hexagram/answer. Then I use the card's imagery to help me unravel the rather heavy duty volume I have on the I-Ching.


Quote:deso (25 Sep, 2001 01:59):
LOL -- I soooooo enjoyed reading your replies. ( I'd put the happy face in here but I don't know how.)

deso,a quick emoticons lesson (the happy faces and such)
When you bring up the screen to post or reply to a message,at the very bottom lefthand corner of screen in little letters it says "emotions legend" click on that , it will bring up a screen of all the faces and a symbol , like semi-colon, slash etc. You can print it out or write the ones you want to use on a piece of paper. Then when writing your post ,leave 2 blank spaces after word, type in emoticon symbols just the way they are , leave 2 more blank spaces, and continue on writing your reply. When it posts, you should see your smily faces.


Hi, deso,

I have the Wisdom of the Maya deck and it is quite unusual.

The deck is more of an oracle deck than a tarot deck (it doesn't have the customary tarot designations). The cards themselves are rather flimsy and very large, and to be truthful, not all that interesting to look at; but the spreads that the author has created are fascinating.

The artist of the cards carved images into stone that represent various gods, animals, plants and other important Mayan themes. The cards are photos of the stones. There's not a lot of color to them (pretty boring to look at actually), but if you read the little blurb on the artist, you realize that it took a lot of work to create the carvings, so you can appreciate them in that sense.

What I really enjoyed was the Spreads the author made using principles from the Mayan belief system. He had positions for the four directions, and then positions beyond those for cards that Modified or Influenced those key directional positions.

I thought it was interesting to get a new world perspective on divination using a unique deck of cards.




Thanks for the lesson Purplelady! :) It wasn't half as difficult as I had imagined, tee hee. :p Hope I don't get addicted to these little guys. :D Ciao