Sweet Twilight -- 2 of Chalices


I can't believe the romantic amongst you haven't already commented on this card -- a young couple enjoying a glass of wine.

LWB: "Lover, romance, candles and wine. There is nothing like it while it burns to light the darkness [sic], fill the world with beauty, and heal all manner of ills."

The thing is that this couple both look a little "out of it". She is absent-mindedly playing with some flowers and he is clearly lost in his own thoughts. Perhaps it's romantic to be alone together. I should write to Morrissey and ask.


I haven't had this card in a reading yet.

I think they may be shy because it is a first date, and too soon to tell how things may develop.


Well, they're on a bed. Her body language and her attire are very openly sexual it seems to me, while he's all suited up tight. His shirt is buttoned right to his chin and he's got a full formal suit on. It looks to me like he's the one fortifying himself with wine and feeling rather awkward. Her candle is lit and his isn't. She's gesturing openly while butterflies and flowers fill the air above her but he's just got one flower he's stiffly tossing slightly into the air. She's looking straight at him and he's looking up into the air somewhere. Is this a cougar stalking her prey, maybe? I get the feeling she's trotted around the block a few times and he's never made it out of that suit even once before. There's that caddeuseus (sp?) behind him, so maybe she's "just what the doctor ordered" for this guy to get him loosened up and sexually experienced. Maybe she's a sex therapist, on the other hand.

Girl Archer

Here is how I look at it. Clearly they are pretty comfortable together, she more so. She looks a bit like your classic hearts and flowers romantic. Him, I think would be more the wordy type. She is very feminine and has fully embraced her sexuality, this man on the other hand, he seems a bit caught up with himself. Or maybe he is pondering something that she just said. That would explain his pensive look. the bed and the candle suggest sexuality rather blatantly, the candle also shows promise of things to come and yet to be discovered. They have gotten out there, but are yet to know each other fully. Not a very romantic card if you ask me. I would much rather have the 4 of Wands, or Ten of Cups though in the latter, the couple look a bit drunk and totally blissed-out.

Actually this card reminded me of the first date described between Maria and Ralf, the two protagonists from Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho. (if you have read the book, probaby you will know what I am talking about, that evening they spend at his house, no sex, just talking and drinking, reaching a greater intimacy than they might have if they were physically closer.)


I actually got this card the other day.

The first thing that I noticed in that particular reading was that the woman appeared to be throwing up flowers and butterflies. So the thought that came to my mind was of "He really thinks she's rather colorful, as she has a wide variety of new experiences to offer him".

I saw someone else commented that she could be the "cougar" -- which I could see that be a case as well. Like, she's "on the prowl and trying to impress" but I could see that varying greatly upon the vibes I get from that particular reading at the moment.