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Well, here we are..A study group for this amazing deck.

As I told you in the other thread, I have very mixed feelings about these cards. In fact I have lots of feelings about them. I love them, I hate them, they irritate me and I adore them. I don´t like all the crying and sad faces but I adore the colours and the whimsical and surprising details. Many cards are uniquely beautiful.
I don´t think I have ever had this many different feelings about one tarot deck. So somehow I´m beginning to think that this deck deserves a closer look :D
What do you think?


I think that the details on each card are amazing in readings. It isn't too cluttred but somehow each card has a few little details that help.

Like the kitten on the Magician, who looks far more at ease than the Man Himself.

The deck also has some interesting variations on the RWS theme and these interest me. It's also worth looking at the LWB - I check in after I have interpreted because sometimes it has a little edge to add to a card and makes me think again. Sometimes not, but often enough that I think it worth a look.


i raved on and on about Sweet Twilgth in another thread. i definitely connect with these cards.
Twilight is a magical time and these cards have that magic.


victoria.star said:
i raved on and on about Sweet Twilgth in another thread. i definitely connect with these cards.
Twilight is a magical time and these cards have that magic.
Could you please post a link to your ravings or copy some of it here? :D I´m not sure I´ve seen it..


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Hi Folks,

I've started an index thread for this study group and I've added it to the main Tarot Study Groups index at the top of this forum:

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Have fun studying :).

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Awesome to see Sweet Twilight down here in study groups :)

For me, there's something deeply reassuring about this deck. I'm currently studying another one, and haven't been using the Sweet Twilight at all; but the other day I opened the box and shuffled the cards...and just felt myself breathe deeply and my shoulders relax. It has something warm and lovely about it: it's like hot chocolate on a misty day, or a big woolly sweater when you're feeling a bit chilly. Colours, images, faces, texture... it all works together.

I love the details on the card: those quirky little animals and surprises (like the rabbit ears on Tower lady) stop it from being a truly melancholy deck. Just when you think it's about to take itself too seriously, then suddenly veers off into surreal territory. Genius.

And it reads sooo easily. Sometimes I ask a question, shuffle and cut, face up a card... and nod. Sometimes I smile. I don't even have to fully verbalize what I'm seeing; the image is enough to tell me everything. I just *get* it.

More to the point, it gets me!


This is the first deck I've ever been able to do intuitive readings with so of course I love it. The other day I asked how I could improve something and I pulled the five of cups, and knew instantly the answer was 'get some sleep.'

I also love the modern symbolism like Yoda in the strength card. It reminds me of Yoda lifting the x-wing out of the swamp. Size matters not.


Thank you so much for setting up this study group! I have been enthralled with this deck since I got it. I'm having a tough time picking up any other deck, even the Legacy of the Divine Tarot <gasp>! ;)

This deck has been so easy for me to interpret at an intuitive level, and the details that fit themselves together within the images, that my readings have been very straight-forward and yet deep. In one reading I did, both The Wheel of Fortune and The Tower came up as 2 of the 10 cards, and it was very significant that both of these cards featured the girl with the bunny ears. The link between that image and the positions in the reading made for a very strong message. And there are other things that stick out that I pay attention to, like the moon or the sun in the images. Some cards have both, and sometimes that ties certain cards together.

All in all, I can see myself using this deck for quite a while, and I'm very happy that I'll have a place to share my thoughts with others. :)


Just to let those of you know who haven´t started a thread here before and because I have been asked about this:

Yes, everyone is most welcome to start a new thread! :love: :)
You just choose a card that you´d like to comment on and press the "start a new thread" button and write about your thoughts. You post the thread and send a pm to Sulis who will add it to the index.


Okay, okay. I am posting.

I need another deck to study like I need another hole in my head. I bought this deck awhile ago and though "Oh, that's nice" put it down and continued my patient wait for the Legacy of the Divine tarot.

Seeing the activity on the forum got me reinterested and so I thought I would chime in my humble opinion. Making no promises for how long I will stay around studying this deck but on this fine Sunday morning it has captured my attention.

A few things I love about this deck.

I am sure someone has said this somewhere before but this deck feels a bit like darker emo sister to the Fey tarot. It has a fantastical feel with almost an edge of reality. The moody twilight coloring is a draw and soothing in a magical sense of being lulled under a spell. In last couple of years I have personally been drawn to the somber tones of the oranges, purples, greens and blues.

The dark borders are a real plus for me too. I know that they don't age as well as white borders and that many people don't like that but I do. I think that with this deck it was very necessary to have that dark edge around the cards. I would like this deck a lot less if it had a white border. Unfortunately, that is what happened to my Dame Fortune’s Wheel tarot, saw the white borders hated it and put it back in the box and haven’t used it since. This deck got it right.

Also the Court Cards are great! Each of the ranks seem to have their own little personalities. At first glance I am not sure that they are traditional but are very descriptive and evoke a great feeling from each of them.