Sweet Twilight-Judgement XX


This is a funny angelic figure that seems to be blowing her horn for the rose below. The rose is growing in a graveyard among old weathered stones. There are other roses as well but this particular serenade is for this one rose only.The angel looks like a fairy in training suit:) There are butterflies in her hair and the moon (which is present in very many cards in this deck) is in her wing. It is twilight time, it could be dawn.
I think this angel-fairy is encouraging growth and movement. The ones who are gone may manifest again in some other form than human perhaps? The cycles of energy and material go on and life can transform and take new forms.


I like this card - it's the cute angel with the and that first caught my eye.

It's a peaceful scene apart from the Judgement angel who seems to be wearing sports gear. I was reminded of an (old fashioned) holiday camp when everyone is still happily asleep and some jolly person starts blaring horns and telling eveyone to get up and have organised "fun".